Female Furies #2 - wow

OK. I just finished #2 and man it was powerful. Absolutely not political, but certainly #metoo.

Aurelie’s predicament and everyone’s lack of understanding is on display for all to see. Without spoilers, I can’t say much more.

But powerful? Wow.

As I said in the Female Furies #1 thread I read comics soley for entertainment. I hate to be preached to, or have someone try to press political opinions on me. This book is not that at all but is a moral lesson wrapped in entertainment and is easily an exception to the “only entertainment” rule. I’m not easily moved by comics, but this one moved me.

If you haven’t started this series, it is extremely worthwhile and a great read with great art.

On the lighter side watch for a couple of Easter Eggs that foretell the future of this part of the DCU.


Ooh, I’m excited! This is next new book in my digital stack.

Thanks for the 411 =)


the next new book…

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-_- I still haven’t picked up #1 yet! I haven’t even been able to pick up my monthly pull yet, but I was very much looking forward to this title. Hopefully they will still have some #1s running around that I can nab with #2.
I never knew it could be this hard to get down to my local comic shop!

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