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Hello members of the @CharactersOfDC and welcome to our first session of 2022. This month is Woman’s History Month and few of the clubs here at DCUI’s community have banded together to explore some of the great female characters in the DCU. Be sure to check out what the other clubs have going on.

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Here at C of DC we will be taking a look at the history and a few stories featuring a character who has been a part of the Batverse almost from the start. She is without a doubt a character on the same level as Batman himself and holds the same level of importance in the mythos as Joker does being that she was created around the same time.






Batman Vol. 1 #1 (Spring 1940)

Bob Kane & Bill Finger

Selina Kyle has been a mainstay character of the Batman Universe since the very first issue of Batman hit the shelves back in 1940 and she has also had a lot of screen time in various tv and movie adaptions spanning decades. She has the distinction of being Batman’s first and longest running love interest . On Earth Two she was even married to Bruce Wayne and they had a daughter, Helena, who became a hero in her own right. (If you want to check out some of Helena’s adventures on Earth Two head on over to the JSA Book Club. We will be having a session later this month that will cover a few of the stories that feature the Dark Knight’s Daughter.)

So lets get started exploring this Queen of the BatVerse

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Batman Vol. 1 #1 has a lot of firsts attached to it:

  • First issue of the first Batman solo comic book

  • First appearances of Batman, Robin and Commissioner Gordon outside of Detective Comics

  • First appearance of Joker, who becomes a recurring and important adversary for Batman, as well as Joker’s first time escaping death, which becomes a recurring theme with the character.

But the first I want to concentrate on here is:

  • The first appearance of Catwoman (or ‘The Cat’ as she was known at the time) who would become a recurring adversary, foil and sometimes love interest for Batman.

I always feel that the best way to understand a character is to go back to the beginning and see where and how they got their start. So the first thing we will be discussing this month will be Selina’s first appearance in a story called “The Cat” as well as a few other Golden Age appearances:

  • “Batman vs Cat-Woman”, from Batman #3
  • “Princess of Plunder” from Batman #10
  • “Nine Lives has the Catwoman” from Batman #35

So hold onto your valuables and lets get started!


* Batman Vol. 1 #1
* Batman Vol 1 #3
* Batman Vol 1 #10
* Batman Vol 1 #35

Discussion Point

Judging by her very first appearance would you have thought she would have become a mainstay in the Bat mythos or do you think she was more of a one off type of character?

Next week we will take a look at and discuss Catwoman’s appearances on the small screen and which of those have been our favorites. Anything about Selina Kyle’s small screen appearances is up for discussion next week but save her big screen appearances for later this month. I promise we will get to them as well.

Happy reading and have a great week!


Cool – I’ve read a couple of these in the past, but should be fun to read them all.

I would also recommend Batman #2, which has a story featuring Joker and Catwoman after the same prize.


That is a very good suggestion @Jay_Kay.


Always different reading Golden Age comics. Selina’s first appearance wasn’t very memorable except for establishing a mutual attraction between her and Bruce. That cat head they stuck her with for a few issues was truly horrible. Much better to see her in her classic costume in issue 35. She isn’t much of a fighter in these early days, but that isn’t surprising considering when these stories were written.


It is a very different experience that’s for sure.

Yeah from the first appearence I would not have thought she would have become anything special either. That attraction though…

That was really horrible, probably the worst costume for her but that’s just my opinion.

I liked the costume in #35 better. It’s an early version of one of my favorite Catwoman costumes.


I got locked out of my account! I’m back in now! Looking forward to these!


Good to see you again @AlexCarr.


Welcome back @AlexCarr! :partying_face: :fireworks:


Thank you!


Thank you! Good to be back!


Batman #1:

First off, I have to say that while this wasn’t Batman’s first appearance, this being the first issue of his own ongoing series is amazing due to how stacked it is. First, we have the last part of a series of stories that dealt with one of Batman’s earliest recurring villains in Hugo Strange, and then we get the first introductions of inarguably two of Batman’s most popular and important rogues in The Joker and Catwoman.

Now, as for the Catwoman story…in terms of the other stories, this one might be the weakest, but it has its share of pros to it.

One thing that’s pretty unique about this story is that there’s surprisingly more of a Robin story. Batman at first can’t be bothered with this case so he has Robin do most of the leg work, which is kinda cool. Even when Batman shows up, I love the sequence where Batman and Robin corner the hoods in their boat, Batman decides to just sic Robin on them in a total flex move.

Speaking of which, I got a good chuckle from the crooks that commendeered the yacht after The Cat already stole the diamonds.

Finally, we get Batman and “The Cat” meeting and, yes, the “quiet or papa spank” is as hilarious as it is iconic, but the rest of their interaction works pretty well. Much like Joker in this issue, they pretty much figured this character and her dynamic with Batman almost from the start.

So…yeah, great story overall.


I agree on both counts.

I thought that was unique as well. Really gave Robin a chance to shine.

It all begins here and no matter how things change or who plays her there is always an echo or resonance to this first meeting there. She, like Joker, is universal constant.

Times and writers change but the basic dynamics of both these characters and Batman stay the same.


Over the years there have been so many actresses that have played Catwoman on tv and everyone has their personal favorite. This week we will be discussing Selina Kyles’s various appearances across decades of tv series.

Who is your favorite television version of Catwoman?

Who is your favorite Catwoman froma telvision series?
  • Julie Newmar (Batman '66)
  • Eartha Kitt (Batman '66)
  • Camren Bicondova (Gotham)
  • Adrienne Barbeau (Batman: The Animated Series)
  • Gina Gershon (The Batman)
  • Nika Futterman (Batman: The Brave and the Bold)
  • Sanaa Latham (Harley Quinn)

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Discussion Point
This time we have the above poll but in case I missed someone’s favorite go ahead and post them below and tell me why you think they are the best.


  • Due to the success of the animated series FOX approached Bruce Timm to make a spin-off Catwoman series but it never happened.

  • Catwoman was originally supposed to be featured in Super Friends as a member of the Legion of Doom but was replaced by Cheetah due to The New Adventures of Batman being in development, which had dibs on the character.

  • Eartha Kitt, who replaced Julie Newmar, once spoke about her role as Catwoman in a 2006 interview with The Austin Chronicle saying: “I probably would do it now as the mother of the cat. I love doing the character. I didn’t have to think about it: I didn’t try to be a cat: I am a cat.”

  • Camren Bicondova spoke about her role as Catwoman to Collider in 2014 saying “The only three words that I can describe this experience with are awesome, an honor and grateful…I’m getting to show a side of Selina Kyle that nobody’s ever seen before and that’s cool. I feel pretty special.”


A good catwoman story to read is batman hush!
Now, the book shows a fun relationshp betwen catwoman and batman, and also, loved the interaction between catwoman and huntress at the end, i would describe it expect, i think it would be better if you read it for your self!


I have to say I really like Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman in The Batman. I felt like she played a modern one well.

I also really liked Jennifer Morrison in Batman Hush Animated movie.


I am sory but, mabie the acting of catwoman hush was good, but the roghting, was not in the batman hush story line, catwoman tried to convince batman not to murder, and now in the movie, she is trying to convince batman to kill.Just no!

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I guess it’s been too long since I’ve seen it, I just remember licking their love story and thinking she fit him well. :joy:

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Ok so I just watched Catwoman Hunted. Anyone else seen it? Thoughts? I liked this version of Catwoman


I haven’t seen it yet but I am planning to watch it this week sometime. What did you like about this version of Catwoman?

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Selina Kyle has made a few appearances on the big screen in addition to her television appearances we talked about last week. From the Batman '66 movie to the Batman movie that was just released on March 4th Catwoman has made an impression on movie goers for decades. So…

Who is your favorite Catwoman in the movies?
  • Lee Merriweather (Batman '66 movie)
  • Michelle Pfeiffer (Batman Returns)
  • Anne Hathaway (Dark Knight Rises)
  • Zoe Kravitz (The Batman)

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Discussion Point

If any of you have seen The Batman, what did you think of Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle compared to others who have been in that role? Please keep your answers as non-spoiler-y as possible for those who may not have seen the movie yet.

Next week we will close out this session with a look at a team-up between Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Yep, I’m talking about some Gotham City Sirens action. See you all there.