Feeling Left Behind and Outdated

This is kind of my second time touching on this topic, but I still have very strong feelings on it. In my first post down in the comment section, someone explained to me that DCU doesn’t realest comics ‘till about 12 months after its release. They also explained that, they do this because they do not want to take away from comic sales. Now at a business/sales standpoint, I completely understand. But as a loyal user/consumer, I feel left behind and outdated when a comic area has moved on, and I’m just reading the first issue. And I don’t want to spend money on comics when I’m already spending $80.00 a year for a COMIC STREAMING SERVICE. Anyway, there is a very low chance that my stupid rant will change anything, but I just wanted to express what I was feeling. In conclusion, I still love this service. This is just a criticism I have for it, and is my opinion.


What is your opinion on the subject?

Spencerdeanupchurch, can only tell you of my experience. But with Marvel Unlimited, I went all in digital and yes it takes time to adjust to the delay. I spend way less time reading comic book focused websites cuz I don’t necessarily want to know what’s going to happen. I also spend way less money. I’m not giving up DC from my local comic shop, but I look forward to reading all the other DC stuff I don’t buy because of time or money. Just read Flintstones which I never would have bought and I loved it, one of the best series in years. So, for me that’s worth the trade off. Finally, feeling left behind join one of the book clubs here. Dedicated folks organizing them, and they even listen to my opinion on all the books.


I think the current price is fair for access to DC’s vast digital comic archives. It’s not about the year you’re not getting, but the 80 years you are.


I’d just like to point out this is in fact not a “COMIC STREAMING SERVICE”, at least not exclusively. It’s a DC media streaming service. Sorry you feel outdated, and can’t afford to buy comics, but DC still has to make money off comic sales, even if not everyone can afford them. I would love for more recent films to be release on Netflix, because I don’t like dropping $20 every time one comes out, but it is what it is.


I buy the stuff that I like to support them and because I want a hard copy of the art. I went the digital rout during the N52 stuff and own all of JL, Batman, and UJL but I regret it now because I wish I had the hard copies but I don’t want to buy them a second time nor can I really afford it.

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Right now I’m only subscribed to one current series (Justice League Dark) so it costs me $3.99/month, and I’m happy to support it. I did DCU’s yearly subscription which works out to just over $6/month, so if I read two comics a month it’s already paid for itself. DCU has spared me the expense of buying a virtual mountain of comics from the past handful of decades. I really think they’ve saved me hundreds of dollars by now.


My advise would be to find people in the community and find people that inspire you to read new books on the app. I haven’t participated in the book club yet because I’m more new to comics (started reading just about a year ago) and am just filling in my knowledge of the DC Universe still, but I’ve heard that they make some great finds and have some good discussions. There is also a contingency of people in the community who are reading the new weekly releases on the app (like myself) and following the events and stories in real time, just a year later.

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Seriously go to your local comic store and support small business. My local one does trade ins all the time when I am done reading it I trade it in for store credit for something else.


A lot of these books in the library are new to me. The dates on the issue are not important in that regard.

Many i have read and nostalgia occurs. But many are timeless classics originals with understandable plots and artworks

However the library is so vast it is difficult to go through.

Book clubs reading orders start reading articles are available in the Communitty Forums and News Sections

In the past few years there were two major attempts to restart DC Comics. New 52 in 2011 and Rebirth in 2016. They are great places to start reading. Most of them are here now.

Current comics are

Expensive so few fans can buy but a small number of titles.
Most are read once and never read again
Confusing if your first issue is in the middle of the storyline This is fairly recent. Most comics in the library are often done in one issues or only a few and try to accomodate new readers

So if you are not up to date so are most of us.

If you need help on finding great comics just ask. Do you have a favorite character or want to read the best titles or just try something different. A hint of your interests would help. But branch out. Even early 1940s Action and Detective Comics are quite readable and quickly read.

The library contains it all and it is waiting for you.

And that is only part of DC Universe. The forums are full of nice knowledgable fans and mods who would love to help you.

There also great animation and live action TV series plus documentaries and animated films.

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Omnibus’s are fantastic for reading all at once too especially if your into a character a lot of the things I like are unfortunately not available here but they are available in an omnibus form.

@YoYoFroYo, if you are curious about a certain run or character you should ask @HubCityQuestion, I just asked him about Vandal Savage comics and he provided me with a great list.

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One of the great things is that we all are in the same boat.

I really don’t mind as much, myself.

Back around the time I first started reading comics, DC Comics started the ‘hardcover/softcover’ project.
Not really ‘hardcover’ comics, though.
What it was, was that DC started publishing Direct Only editions of their two biggest sellers at the time: New Teen Titans and Legion of Super-Heroes, while after a year, their original newsstand titles (available in more places) began reprinting the Direct Only issues.
So people without access to as comic shop had to wait a year to read New Teen Titans and Legion.
Soon after, a new Outsiders title was launched for the Direct Market and their original newsstand comic began reprinting it, as well.

I think after the rise of digital in 2011, I slowly moved towards the digital version of ‘trade waiting’. I would put comics I was interested in into my wishlist and then wait for their prices to come down or be part of a sale.
I remember when I was reading some Marvel books, I could expect the issues to drop by a dollar after about six to eight months. But I think they’ve since extended it out longer before the drop.

So I’m used to being behind.

I got caught up once, during Convergence. Because I spent the month catching up on the regular books I was reading while DC Comics basically paused for a month.
Didn’t last long, though.
As soon as a month with an Annual came out I was behind again.

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I was going to add…

One of the things that helps is that here, most of the community are reading comics from the service. So most of us are talking about comics from a year or more back.

Contrast this to being on another forum where everyone is buying comics off the shelf and you can;t join the conversations and are having to dodge threads that could contain spoilers.

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Wow, uhm ok. I guess. I feel like this is a really easy problem to handle

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They don’t want to hurt their comic shops and it’s understandable. It’s a core and hardcore part of their business. If you read 10 brand new comics a month that’d be the $80 right there. So it’s a year delay, but it is a great money saver.

Personally I don’t mind the delay, and I understand why DCU does it. If it wasn’t for the delay they’d make less money, which means fewer comics and that wouldn’t be good for comics fans over the long term.


@SpencerDeanUpchurch: I used to be in the same boat as you with regard to feeling I was falling behind those that are reading new books every week and who are able then to go on various forums to discuss them. I used to love doing that as well (at least until some posts on some forums started to become pits of negativity and vitriol. Then I had a bunch of real life things happening that had to be dealt with and most of my comic reading went by the wayside for several months running so I ended up behind on my reading. Now I’m only following two DC books monthly at a cost of $7.98 and I’m happy to wait for the rest to come up here at a future date. Personally, I would rather wait to read some of the books I used to get monthly at a later date on here and spend the money I was using to buy those to support more books from smaller independent comic companies.


Also wanted to add that I can also now read a bunch of older material on here that I may not have otherwise been able to find so that’s an added bonus to me.


I think that it’s the older material that hopefully you get readers will take time to look back and enjoy. Are all comics for everyone, no. But there is such a rich history to view and take in.

I can’t see how DCU could make new comics part of the service unless you paid a huge premium. Maybe fifty bucks would make that worthwhile for DC while still probably damaging comic shops.