Feedback For App Developers

Just feedback for big brother. A big part of this app is the community. I really think you need to sit back and really think about what makes a good social app. Tags for @ names don’t do anything. We don’t get notifications if our comments get likes. And I can’t click on a profile. I suggest either a Twitter or Reddit style thread style, because pressing load more comments two dozen time to read a 100 message thread is tedious to say the least. For anyone else with feedback, try and keep it related to the apps functionality. Not what needs to be added in content. That’s for another thread lol


Hi Matt - thank you for the feedback and we completely agree. The team is hard at work on a lot of improvements to the service and the community features in particular are ones that we think are very important and have made a priority. The ones you’ve mentioned should be coming soon and definitely know that we’d love your suggestions for what else you’d like to see.


You guys rock! I know there’s been mixed reception with how people like this app, but I think for a beta entry app it’s great. I joined the beta tester team on Google! I wish I could just go work for y’all haha. Just to note the best format of thread I can think of actually is YouTube. That crap gets heated! As of now the only other idea I can think for app improvements are the comic section. Even if I download some comics offline I can’t get to them off WiFi because the app doesn’t work at all with out WiFi. Maybe create a library tab that could double for anyone who wants to save movies or shows to watch on a flight or train. As well as save a bunch of comics. Then when you open the app all the section will be disabled but library, which you can then access all you have downloaded. Thanks DCU

I agree with the OP. The boards need some improvement. I would like the ability to [1] post images - And yes I know that can be a mixed bag but sometimes it’s hard to reference something you want to talk about without a visual. Maybe you could do it with some strict limitations. [2] Emotes [3] Basic Formatting ability. You know bold, italic, underline, strikethrough and bullet or number lists. [4] A profanity filter for the potty mouths on here. [5] Please, please. Let us edit our posts. Sometimes I make typos.

I also agree with the OP, the community features are something I really look forward to, but right now they are pretty bare-bones and not user friendly. I’d also love to see more community features integrated into the encyclopedia section, so that the encyclopedia can grow faster. Thanks!