February Superman's Elected Birthday Month

February 29th is Superman’s Elected Birthday. So being that my Birthday is also this month. I’ve elected the very same birthday this month, Leap Year for mine. I know it’s quite a leap but I mean hey…,Leaps talk buildings in a single…,


I don’t do birthdays…
I do birth months! Sooo…

Happy happy birthday!
I hope your day’s a blast!
Happy happy birthday!
On every single day!

Happy birthday/month to you and Superman, rock on :metal::fireworks::birthday:

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@kaskate, pleasant early Happy Birthday greetings! I hope you have a super special day =)

sees that Superman’s birthday is this month, thinks of a gift to get as he sits back in his chair I mean, what do you get For The Man Who Has Everything?


Happy Birthday! :smiley::birthday:

I’m curious where can I find info on that?

Yeah I never looked in to how that happened. Did supes just pick a random day or did he crash land on Feb 29th? Or did he pick a leap year day so he could say he’s younger than he is without technically lying

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His birthday won’t be until next year (February 29th).