"Favorites" List Displaying in Reverse Order

The default “Favorites” list on the Android app is displaying issues in reverse order from how they were added to the list. This was a problem that was plaguing the custom user lists back at the beginning of the year with the changeover to DCUI. That problem was fixed, but apparently the same fix was not applied to the default list. Kinda wish I’d known that before spending the last 6 hours adding 1,788 issues to the list…

Ah, I’m so sorry to hear that @KookieSuperApe! I’ll definitely take note of that issue.

Just in case this may help us, do you mind telling me the name of the device and device’s software version you’re using?

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Samsung Galaxy A20, Android Version 10

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Hmm – my faves are loading in chronologically from the date they were all added on both the app and the site. I use an iPhone, though.

Do you find this issue mirrored on the site at all, or just through your phone? I can get it noted either way, just wanted to grab a little more detail on the matter.

Both the default Favorites and custom user lists display in reverse chronological order (last added to first added) on the site and always have. However, both types of lists always have (or are supposed to always have) displayed in chronological order (first added to last added) on the Android app. The custom user lists are currently displaying in the correct, chronological order on the Android app; the default Favorites list that I linked in the first post is not.

Gotcha, I’ll get that all reported then. Thanks for clarifying everything!

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