Favorites in everything DC

What are your #1 favorites in everything DC? Like for me…

Comics - Crisis on Infinite Earths

Film(live action) - Batman(1989)
Film(animinated) - Justice League: The Final Frontier

TV(animated) - Batman: TAS
TV(live action) - Swamp Thing(1990)

Video Game: DC Universe Online

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Comics- Knightfall

Live Film- Batman Begins

Animated Film- The Dark Knight Returns: Deluxe Edition

Live Action TV- Smallville

Animated TV- Young Justice

Video Game- Injustice 2 or Arkham Origins

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Comics- New Gods

Live action film- Superman 2
Animated film- flashpoint paradox

TV live action- flash
TV animated- Teen titans

Game-Arkham knight

Good choices

Anybody else?