Favorite Title from DC's New Age of Heroes Line

Who enjoys Sideways, Silencer, Damage, Curse of Brimstone, etc.? Which is your favorite and why?


Silencer, hands down. I’m enjoying the line overall, though some of the books are losing me. Silencer has a simple enough power set, is connected to the universe in an interesting way that they are exploring decently, and adds lore to the world that I think fits well.

The terrifics. Such a good line up and great writer. I enjoy the whole line well enough but that is my favorite title. I just want more art from Doc Shaner though.

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It’s all about brimstone. Love story so far.

The Silencer and Brimstone. Damage was okay till he started fighting the DCU, just cause.

Damage… That art tho

Silencer by a mile

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Uhh???.. What?

Brimstone for sure but all of them are extremely good. Very proud of the step forward dc has made with these new characters!

The Terrifics. But I haven’t read all of them.


I definitely love either sideways or The Terrifics. Trying to catch up on New Challengers and Sideways

Damage and Terrifics. Been meaning to sit down and read Silencer and Sideways havent gotten around to it.

Damage, Sideways, Silencer, Curse of Brimstone and The Terrifics!

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Silencer and Sideways.

I know it ain’t the popular pick and I will admit it is uneven at parts but I dug The Immortal Men. I bought the #1 of The Silencer and dug it but unfortunately never got around to more. Trade hunting for that first volume is imminent.

Sideways and the Silencer

I absolutely love Silencer! One of my pull-list favorites!


Def Silencer.