Favorite Thing About Your Local Comic Store?

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We all know we’re in a pretty dark time right now and with the recent news of Diamond ceasing distribution to stores, things are gonna look tough for comic stores. At least in this time, we all have each other as united DC fans, so let’s do what we do best and let’s discuss! What are some of y’alls favorite things about your local comic stores?

I’ll start, with my local shop, my favorite attribute to the store is it’s massive collection of figurines and collectibles. I’m always in there just browsing at many different figurines after I’ve picked out my comics for the week! As a collector, it’s always fun to look at all the items I plan on getting for my collection!


My top three favorite things about any good comic store:

  1. The smell. That heavenly smell of paper and ink is always a great pick me-up.

  2. Fun, knowledgeable employees. The kind that are like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons and cop an attitude with their customers from their high horse are no fun.
    Those with a personality, a sense of humor and who know how to properly interact with people while being passionate and knowing their stuff, are always fun to talk shop with. If only they could all be like @DCDaily’s Amy Dallen…

  3. Back issue bins. While a digital reader, I still love digging through back issue bins for assorted gems, be they books you’re seeking out or unexpected finds that you can’t resist sticking in the Buy Pile as you dig further and further.

Toys/collectibles, apparel, etc are all fun too, but those aren’t always found in good comic stores for assorted reasons. The smell of paper and ink, friendly employees and back issues are always present in any good store, and are the things I anticipate the most at any comic store, be it a regular haunt or a place I’m visiting for the first time.


i totally agree, i love talking with the employees because they’re so passionate about comics and makes for great convos!

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