Favorite Storylines?

Just finished my summer semester and ready to get back into reading after a long hiatus (since fall last year!). Looking for suggestions on any new (or old) storylines? What are your favorites?

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If you have a lot of time, the New Krypton arc is really great.



Thank you! I’ll have to check it out! I’ve been meaning to read more of the superman fam.

I finally read Superman: American Alien :+1::+1:


@snowrobin: Here are a few of my favorites that I will always recommend.
Batman: Year One
Daredevil: Born Again
Kingdom Come
Man of Steel (John Byrne)


I loved Year one! Thank for the other suggestions!


I’ll be sure to check it out!!

Born to Run,
The Return of Barry Allen,
Terminal Velocity,
Dead Heat,
Race Against Time
Dead Stop
The Human Race
Chained Lightning
The Dark Flash


I’ve started reading the Black Label stand alone series. I have Batman Damned, Last Knight on Earth and White Knight, Harleen, Joker and I’m reading All-Star Superman.
I can recomend all of those, as well as Tales From The DC Dark Multiverse.
I enjoyed all these stories and think others would too.


01 1996 Supergirl 75 to 80 by Peter David Linda Danvers Matrix Supergirl meets Silver Age Kara Zor el Supergirl

02 2000 Planetary Warren Ellis John Cassidy The book’s primary concern is unearthing the confluence of influences that led to the idea of The Superhero as our modern culture now knows it. From Doc Savage to James Bond; the Lone Ranger, Green Hornet and The Shadow; Tarzan, noir Private Eyes and Fu Man Chu; 1950’s Sci-Fi B-Movies, Godzilla and Hong Kong action flicks; Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern; early Marvel comics, and more predominately, the work of Jack Kirby; the re-inventive, post-modern 1980’s DC comics work from English writers like Moore, Grant Morrision, Peter Milligan and company; all the way back to 19th century superhero precursors like Sherlock Holmes, Dracula and Frankenstein. Ellis and Cassaday leave no stone unturned when it comes to excavating the heart of the superhuman myth as it existed in the 20th Century and continues to exist to this day.

03 2002 Global Frequency For Mature Adults. Mission Impossible type stories with mostly new characters each issue Warren Ellis

04 2002 Hawkman Hawkman and Hawkgirl now have their original 1940s origin of being reincarnated lovers through out all of history. This Hawkgirl is in her 20s and has no memory of their past lives together. By Geoff.Johns

05 2004 DC: The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke. Set in late 50s and early 60s. Golden Age Superman Batman and Wonder Woman and Origins of Silver Age Age Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter plus Flash at stsrt of his career. Restart with second issue if can’t get into first issue. Also there is an extra one shot issue which is very good.

06 2005 Villains United Limited Series by Gail Simone. Later Secret Six series, starring Catman and Deadshot

07 2008 Superman The World of New Krypton by Geoff Johns James Robinson and Sterling Gates
The city of Kandor now resides near the Fortress of Solitude in the North Pole, populated by 100,000 Kryptonians. Superman attempts to aid the Kryptonians in their assimilation with the rest of the Earth, something very few Kryptonians seem interested in, including the city’s leaders.

08 2009 Batgirl is Stephanie Brown by Byran Miller. Set in time when Bruce Wayme is presumed dead, Dick Grayson is Batman, Damien Wayne is Robin and Barbara Gordon is Oracle. The best of all Batgirl Books

09 2009 Power Girl by Amanda Conner

10 2009 Detective Comics 854 to 860 Batwoman Elegy by Rucka and Williams

11 2011 Aquaman by Geoff Johns Movie has some ideas taken from this first arc.

12 2011 Demon Knights. A Magnificent Seven defend village in Medieval Times. Members Etrigan the Demon, Madame Xanadu, Vandal Savage, a trans Shining Knight Amazon Outcast, a Horse Woman and an Arab Inventor By Paul Cornell

13 2011 Huntress mini series followed in 2012 by series Worlds Finest with Huntress and Power Girl on main Earth Paul Levitz

14 2013 Earth 2 17 on. New Super heroes from a world ravaged by Darkseid fight back including Thomas Wayne, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Aquawoman and a Zod, by Tom Taylor

15 2015 Superman Lois and Clark Introduction of Jon Kent, their son. Dan Jurgens followed by Superman Rebirth in 2016, by Tomasi followed by Super Sons.

16 2016 Wonder Woman Year One. Issues 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Rucka Scott

17 2016 Detective Comics Rebirth Tynion IV. Batman Batwoman Tim Drake Cassandra Caiin Stephanine Brown Clayface.

18 2016 Flintstones Satire Mark Russell

19 2018 Justice League Odyssey Jessica Cruz From Issue 6 on .By Dan Abnett


That should have been Daredevil: Born Again not :Reborn". What was I thinking? In any event this particular Daredevil saga is one of the greatest story lines in the history of the medium.

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I have the White Knight on my TBR list already! It looks really good and thank you for the other suggestions!

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Thank you so much! I’m def checking out Batgirl '09 first. I love the stories where Damian is Robin and Dick is batman.


White Knight is Def. Worth The Read!

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Grand Guignol in Starman ranks pretty high with me. It was a story with big stakes bringing in most of the villains from the course of the series to join up with Culp. It felt like it had real stakes. It also has an emotional ending.

Contagion in the Batman titles was quite affecting. There is a plague unleashed on Gotham and it even impacts those closest to Batman. I loved all of Batman from Knightfall through No Mans Land but this one made it more personal and something he could not just punch


The Dark Knight Returns

Princes of Darkness

Master Race

Batman Year One
Black Vengeance

Black Reign

Thy Kingdom Come

Forever Evil

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oh is that all? lol

I could add single issue storylines like “My Heroes”