Favorite Splash Panel from a DC Comic

Hello everyone! Was trying to think of a what to do for my first topic. I searched and didn’t see this one, but if there is already a thread for this, please feel free to delete.

Do you have a favorite splash page from a DC comic? Share it here, and let us know why it’s a fave! Open to any splash page, from any DC Comic, from any era.

Here is mine, from The Super Friends #31. Why is it a fave? Ramona, Vince and Jerry made a great panel. The perspective of looking up at the heroes, the colors of their uniforms against the night sky, and the fact that the image follows a premise often talked in the cartoon, but never truly seen, the Wonder Twins being trained to be super heroes.


This should be a fun topic! I thought I was going to go with something from Blackest Night, but this is what I picked instead, from Green Lantern (2005) #67:

It’s just a visually impressive image, and it’s Hal Jordan using a Green Lantern ring to kill Krona, a Guardian of the Universe, which should be impossible. And it comes pages after one of my all-time favorite comic moments, involving Sinestro. :slight_smile:



Posted this in the Awesome Images thread a while back. It’s still my favorite splash page that I’ve yet seen. Perhaps the quintessential Superman image.