favorite shape shifter

WHo is your favorite dc shapeshifter

Really letting my punctuation and capitalization slip!

Plas for sure

  1. Plastic Man
  2. Ron Perlman’s Clayface

Chameleon Boy. That is a real shapeshifter. Plaz is more malleable. He can’t change his color scheme and really shapeshifter in the same way, Cham, MM, & Clayface can.

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Clayface (Basil) followed by the Red Rain Batman if he counts. Also speaking strictly from a shape shifting perspective not favorite character that can shape shift, favorite shape shifting character.

Urgh not again! sorry about the doubles, hope that gets fixed in 2.0.

Plastic Man beats them all in the humor department.

He was even a gargoyle that Batman stood upon once. See below:

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@TheBatmanofNML No worries! I got that post removed for you. :green_heart:

J’onn J’onzz
Elongated Man in second because we’re both named Ralph.

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Beast boy or Martian manhunter

Don’t tell Beast Boy I said this, but I’m going to go with J’onn J’onzz. His shapeshifting ability is just incredible.

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