Favorite Season of Young Justice?

My favorite season is season 1 without a doubt. The character development was what made that season so great. Miss Martian becoming a part of the team and discovering her psychic potential, Artemis saving the entire team, and Kid Flash saving Queen Perdita were AMAZING character development points. Also had exceptionally creative episodes like the episode where the Justice League dies and the adult/kid dimension episode. The season one finale was the best Young Justice episode ever, no doubt about it. Season 2 definitely had its moments: introducing Impulse, fake killing Artemis, and real killing kid flash. Season 3 has a season 1 vibe but I can’t say it is anywhere near as good as Season 1 or 2. Character development is only good when you see the final product, which hasn’t been shown in Season 3 yet. What do you think?


Very well put. Yes Season 1 was my fav for all the reasons you mentioned. same for season 2 def loved the second to last eps. As for the New season I am diffidently loving it but it is def a different tone. I look at it as a evolution of what we loved and am just so grateful to be apart of the journey :slight_smile:


I cant say I have a favorite season, I have to wait for all of season 3.

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So far, season 3 has been pretty diggity schway.

Regarding the full seasons we currently have, I’d go with two. I especially loved Black Beetle, Mongul and Tim Curry as G. Gordon Godfrey.


That’s tough as season 3 isn’t finished, but I get what you’re saying. I’m a Jack Kirby guy, so 3 is beginning to look promising as my favorite. At the same time, 1&2 are hard to top. The mark of a truly great show.

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Also I loved the Vandal Savage origin story episode of S3. Beautifully done. Might be the best episode of any animated TV series.

jwarzy5702 I love that origin too. It was shown in a few different mediums. Brave & Bold, a live action in Legends of Tomorrow with a spin. He rediscovered the meteor in modern times, not when he was a caveman. B&B & YJ3 & I’m sure I’m forgetting one. I’m thinking JL or JLU. Either way, that “was” the most in depth version of his origin from caveman to immortality. Explaining it to Scandal Savage was a cool twist on it.

At this point, with Season 3 only half over:

  1. S1
  2. S3
  3. S2

I really like that S3 doesn’t seem to give a dang about trying to ease into new characters. It’s not trying to rapidly over explain back stories for everyone either. Seems very natural. The writers might even respect the viewers. Unless S3 takes a nosedive


But ranking them feels silly as I love every ep

My favorite is Season 3. I like the more gradual pacing and how big the Universe feels this season. It feels like the season holds nothing back. That said, I see Young Justice as a whole. Each season serves a purpose with each providing a unique feel. For example, S1 feels like the Bronze Age while S3 feels like the Rebirth Era.

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Season 3 for sure! Young Justice came back with a bang, and I haven’t had hardly any problems with the show like I’ve had previously.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved seasons 1 & 2. But season 1’s main plot ended up being very convoluted and complicated. Every episode ended with the Light saying “The young sidekicks were thorn in our side but everything is going according to plan!” EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! Many great episodes in season 1 though and the character moments were fantastic. Season 2 suffered from “Hey let’s introduce 1,000,000 new characters into the show all at once so that only DC fans with an extensive knowledge of the DC Universe will know what’s going”. Okay that may be an exaggeration and I did know who most everyone was, but even then it was a lot to take in. The “time jump” and I didn’t care too much for it. Eventually the season did get really good with spoiler’s fake death (not sure if I’m can spoil or not). The season would end up being great (maybe not as good as season 1) but IMO season 3 is doing so much better.

The episodes are just really good, and they have taken their time introducing new characters and so it’s not so overwhelming (instead its just whelming ;)). I really like the characters of the Outsiders and they have set up the second half of the season very nicely!