Favorite Season of Arrow

What’s everyone’s favorite season of Arrow?

For me it’s Season 2 followed closely by Season 5. I’m a big Slade Wilson fan and felt he was the peak of the show.

Season 4 is without question the worst season.


2, then 5

5 then 2 but I have to say season 7 is measuring up to possible be my new favorite season! Here’s hoping they end it well (and please don’t mess up Emiko!!)

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going with 1 and 2 just because i stopped watching after season 3 only because when laurel was training to fight she was doing horrible than when she goes out for her first fight with oliver all of the sudden she knows how to fight just turned me away

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yeah Manu Bennett as Deathstroke may never be equalled, really enjoyed that arc

S4 can be tough to enjoy, even now … I just watched it again … but at least we got Constantine, and any episode with Nyssa is welcomed

last week’s episode from S7 might be a series best


2>1>3>6>5>4. If Deathstroke wasn’t in Season 2, the season would be worse than three. I stopped watching midway through Season 4, watched some episodes of Season 5, skipped to Season 6 and watched some episodes, and haven’t watched Season 7.
The main problem I have is when characters are loosely adapted and rewritten for the context of the show. Plus, a sudden shift from starting off as a grounded, realistic show to magic was a bold move.

Yeah if I ever do a rewatch of the series I dread watching season 4. In fact I almost thought about quitting the show afterwards. I’m so glad I didn’t. Season 5 was fantastic!

As much as I liked Deathstroke in season 2, I didn’t like how his hatred for Oliver began. I thought the scene with Ivo pointing the gun at Sara and Shado and having Oliver “choose” was a pretty cringey cliche. What was Ivo’s motivation for this action other than being a plot device to get Slade hating Oliver? The season was great but this moment didn’t sit well with me.

Another thing I didn’t like about season 2 was the handling of the “alcoholic Laurel” story line. There were many parts especially around the beginning of the season that were wildly inconsistent. One minute she hates the Arrow and wants him arrested and the next its all because she really blames herself? I didn’t do any favors for Laurel’s character. And you mean after blaming Oliver for Sara’s death, thinking she was alive in season 1, even wanting her to be alive, you then mean she’s angry at Sara’s return? This was bad inconsistent soap opera drama at its finest.

Otherwise I really liked season 2 but for some reason season 5 was a few notches better. It improved on the previous seasons, closed off the five year flashbacks pretty nicely after they were previously handled poorly, introduced a FANTASTIC villain with Promethius, made Felicity a likeable character again, BROUGHT MANU BENNET BACK BABY, and ended the fifth season with a BANG! (quite literally too)

This season has also been super great with the prison story line, the Long Bow Hunters, and Emiko. Of course I am wondering what happened to the Long Bow Hunters and how did Emiko learn to fight and shoot a bow? Please explain writers!!

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@abfgmsw magic being introduced in season 4 was one of the reasons why I think the season just did not work. As you said, the show lost what grounded it in reality. Which is another reason why I loved season 5. That season brought the show to a back-to-basics feel. It goes back to that street level vigilante drama that made the show good in the first place. I encourage you to go back and completely watch seasons 5-the present. It brought back my love for the show that I almost lost.

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Season 1 and 2

I might rewatch key episodes from Season 5 onwards, but I have mixed attitudes involving the show. I am greatly annoyed by this version of Curtis Holt, but I was introduced to Wild Dog on the show and he is a new favorite.
Then, with characters like Ragman, a sense of realism is alleviated. Plus, Deathstroke being an “antihero”/ “good guy” annoys me because I want him to be a merciless killing assassin. He is like the anti-Batman with one of his greatest lines being “The difference between you and me is that you train to fight, I train to kill.” (Potentially paraphrasing and spoiler). That line was so bad-horse for him to say.
On the positive though, Season 6 introduces Ricardo Diaz who is played by Kirk Acevedo who played Charlie Francis on Fringe. Also, Katherine McNamara is in the current season, hopefully to become part of the main cast.

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Season 5 was my favorite.

I do agree that the whole reasoning for Slade hating Oliver was kind of weak. Although I guess we’re suppose to just take it as he was crazy from the mirakuru and couldn’t rationalize.

I’m curious where this current season goes. I feel like it’s wide open and has potential, but it’s also not building towards anything yet.

I like the season that had the things.

To be more specific, wherever Deathstroke showed up equates to being the winner.

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Season Two is my favorite. But Season Five was very good, and an incredible bounce-back from the aberration that was Season Four.

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I liked season 2. The stakes just felt more personal for Oliver and the flashbacks were well integrated with the story, especially in the final showdown where it jumps back and forth between Oliver and Slade fighting in the past and present.

The problem with season 4 was that magic felt out of place on Arrow, the flashbacks for the most part felt disconnected from the present day story, and the Olicity relationship had become rather cringy at this point. Season 4 wasn’t completely bad in terms of the Arrowverse as a whole because it added the Matt Ryan version of Constantine to the Arrowverse and introduced live action Vixen and Damien Darhk. Darhk may not have worked as an Arrow villain, but he was great on Legends.


Season 2 is the best. With season 1 being the second best.

Arrow went downhill after the mid season final of season 3. It has not picked up in quality. I also cannot stand how much they have butchered Green Arrow. I don’t mind him being serious. I just can’t stand how they ruined the relationship between Black Canary and GA. Felicity went from being a cool character to the most annoying character ever. I’ve been waiting for them to kill her off and or separate her and Oliver for good.


Season 3 or 4 is my fav

Yup season 2 without a doubt. Slade fuckin Wilson!!


Season 2 & on a rewatch, I ended up loving the Katana season 3.

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Season 2 and 5 are tied up there for me with 1 as a close second. Everything else kinda just sucks with the exception of a select few episodes.

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