Favorite place to read comics???

Where is your favorite place to read comics? Do you listen to music while you read or do you find it a distraction? Do you prefer certain lighting for the pages? What comics are you reading currently?

On my bed In my room

Room light off with lamp on

Sometimes but usually just quietly read

I was reading Deathstroke comics earlier

I prefer to read in the comfort of my home with some background noise. Currently I am reading the Under the Hood story arc.

The place where I’ve been getting the most reading done is in the break room at work during my lunch. I’ve been able to get through a single volume in one sitting most of the time

Thanks to apps like this I no longer have to worry about lighting and where I’m going to read . I can read anywhere anytime there’s always lighting and it’s always fun. But when I do go old school and read a new graphic novel or the occasional paper comic I still buy , I have my favorite chair in my living room and I ask my wife sitting mrxy to me to kindly wear headphones while I’m reading.

Next to me…
Hmmm, still need “edit / delete after posting”, DC_Applejack…

On the couch witha physical book. The new paper has been making the art and colors pop more. And a few digital comics like Saga

In the armchair near my front window. The light from outside is perfect. I’m re-reading the Swamp Thing Bronz Age Omnibus. In fact, I’m waisting my time on this app when I could go enjoy my comics far more. Goodbye.

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