Favorite Penguin Moments

77 years ago this month Penguin first appear in Batman’s comic book. Over the years we see many differents version of the character. Here’s my top 5 favorite moments of the Penguin. :penguin:

  1. Penguin run for Mayor in the 1966 Batman TV show
  2. His first comic book appearance.
  3. Taking control of the Batmobile in Batman Returns
  4. In the comic book he owns the Iceberg Lounge.
  5. Teaming up with the Joker on Scooby Doo

There’s so many things I like about the character like his top hat and his umbrella. What’s your favorite Penguin’s moment? :penguin::slightly_smiling_face:

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Favourite line of all time: “They wouldn’t place me on a mantle; so I’m laying on a slab.”

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