Favorite Part of DC Universe



I love the collections!


The Encyclopedia is awesome and reminds me of Who’s Who


I love DC!!!

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The comics-- or rather the heroes of the comics. At a time when I was going through my divorce and feeling worthless to my siblings, parents, and three daughters, I contemplated something horrific. I tear up now thinking of how I had gotten so low. It was my favorite hero- Superman- who saved me. It was issue #701 and part of the “Grounded” storyline-that issue was on my bed and it saved me. I won’t go into details here (mostly because I’m typing thru teary eyes), but that story of a young suicidal girl moved me; the panels and the emotion it invoked in me as I saw Superman just hovering there, waiting for for this broken girl to talk… It was moving and powerful when she took his hand and cried in his arms. I myself saw “one more happy day…” and years later- I’m alive. I thank J. Michael Straczynski for that story-- it’s one of my favorites and makes it my favorite part of DC Universe .


Classic shows!

All the batman content!

I just got activated a few min ago but really like the encyclopedia so far

I like that it will have Static Shock, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Young Justice. Static Shock I was excited to hear about because I love that show! Since it currently only has 13 episodes for purchase, it will be nice to have that back in its entirety. Thank you DCU for giving me my favorites (as the previously mentioned series are what introduced me to heroes) all in one place. DCU was my first and Marvel can never compare, but still has a spot in my list of favorites. But DCU is my ultimate favorite in terms of heroes and understanding!

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Will have access to older shows and comics that are harder to find

Love everything so far. I really enjoyed the comic section. I just read swamp thing and I love the whole idea of the comic strip moving like a movie. So cool!

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This place is like my childhood in an app. I love it.

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@draclingelves17 FYI, all four seasons of Static Shock have been released on DVD. You can get them on Amazon.

I like pretty much everythings on here! Love that you get to read old comic books, and watch some movies and TV shows I don’t have, like the 1940 Superman serial and Static shock. Getting DC Universe is worth it! :slight_smile:

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I love the massive potential here. As the kinks get worked out, and the content grows, this will be the best subscription I have.

Absolutely love everything.

Favorite part on the mobile app would be the comic reading. Couldn’t see myself reading the comics on the big screen.
And when it launches on TV apps it’ll be streams all the exclusives!

Being able to watch the old fleischer studio Superman cartoons as well as the animated series’ that I grew up on.

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Super stoked on the potential for keeping up on comic through the app


I love that everything is in 1 place and the back catalog of shows is really really great. I can’t wait to watch thru Lois and Clark and The Flash again, and of course BTAS.


i love that all four seasons of static shock are here. any chance of getting the green lantern animated series and the batman series that came after brave and bold went off the air?