Favorite Obscure DC Talent

Not every great creator at DC gets the opportunities to be as prolific as Geoff Johns or Jim Lee. Who are some of your favorite lesser known talents?

By way of example: I’ve been re-reading Huntress: Year One (2009), by Ivory Sophia Madison. It’s really like nothing else I’ve ever read under DC, and I desperately wish we could see more from her… but after reading up on her history and speaking with her on Twitter, I learned that Madison is a woman of many talents, comic writing being just one among them. While she’s slowly working on some independent comic scripts in her spare time, her interests are currently elsewhere. Our loss.

I’m not sure how old we can go, but one of my favorite writers is Robert Loren Fleming. I don’t even know if he writes comics anymore, but he did some great stuff back in the 80s.

Also, Kelly Puckett. Amazing writing on the Animated Batman comic and Batgirl.

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Dan Vado wrote some of my favorite 90’s gems. Extreme Justice, for one.

Shoutout to Sholly Fisch, who seems to be mostly content doing kid’s comics like Scooby-Doo… but whenever he dips a toe into the DC Universe- like for the backups of Grant Morrison’s Action Comics run- he knocks it out of the park.

William Messner Loebs isn’t obscure is he? I like what I’ve read of his work on Wonder Woman and The Flash.

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