Favorite New 52 story?

I know that DCU has just posted what they think are the best comics of that era but I would like to know everyones opinion. Personally my two favorite comics period are demon knights and Justice League Dark but I tend to steer more in the mystical direction.

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Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man was the best story of The New 52 from start to finish, IMO. Definitely worth checking out.


Zero Year (or at least the main arc in Batman; I’ve not had a chance to read the rest of the tie ins) is a really fantastic alternate take on Bruce’s first year in the cowl, the Joker’s origin and one of the best Riddler stories of all time. I found Snyder’s run to be hit and miss with mostly misses after Court of Owls but this is the high point of his entire tenure on the title.

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Well, Johns’ Justice League is a given#1 for me, with Superman Unchained a very close second.

During the lifespan of The New 52, Batman was my favorite batbook, but lately I lean more and more towards Batman and Robin. Nothing against the core batbook, I’m just more into B&R as of late.

That said, I liked alot of the short lived gems of The New 52. Titles like:

-Mister Terrific
-Team 7

Frankenstein Agent of S.H.AD.E. and Demon Knights were alot of fun too.

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Demon Knights first arc

As well as

Frankenstein, Agent of Shade.

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The Huntress mini-series.

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Red Lanterns and Geoff Johns’ Aquaman are my two favorite New 52 runs.

-Wonder Woman
-Superman/Wonder Woman

I rly enjoyed the new 52 Catwoman arc as well as Metal and the entire Snyder run (Court of owls, death of the family, endgame etc)

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Swamp Thing
Justice League
Justice League Dark

@ LeifRed

You should checkout my post on Justice League Dark. :slight_smile:

My favorite was Animal Man. Also loved Swamp Thing and of course Scott Snyder’s Batman.

Wonder Woman. I loved her new origin and the conflicts it created. Plus I loved her new 52 suit.

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I have a soft spot for Batman and Robin: Born to Kill.

One thing the New 52 seemed to really get right was horror. Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. and I, Vampire were all excellent. For super hero titles, Wonder Woman was fantastic and Green Arrow got good after Jeff Lemire took over (just skip the first 16 issues).

One that tends to get overlooked is All Star Western which had a surprisingly long run all things considered.

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Oh yeah, All Star Western was excellent.

Tie between batman eternal and justice leauge dark.

Robin rises alpha wasn’t bad either.