Favorite minor side characters

I’ll make some examples for mine.

1960’s Batman show - Aunt Harriot and Chief O’Hara

Superman I&II - Miss Tessmacher and Otis

Batman Forever - Neon Gang

Lois & Clark - Kents and Samuel Lane

Smallville - Chloe

Batman Arkham City/ Knight - Vicki Vale

DC Universe Online - Booster Gold


You and I think alike. I’ve always loved the street gang in Batman Forever. Visually distinctive, especially Don “The Dragon” Wilson as their leader.

I’ll go one further with BF and nominate Fred Stickley. I had no idea he was played by Ed Begley Jr until years after the movie came out. Just didn’t look like ol’ bagels…

Otis and Chloe are good picks. I also like Summer Gleason and Angela Chen.


Oh yeah, Aunt Harriet and Chief O’Hara are fun too. AH is a goofy character (it’s Larry’s “mom” from Leave it to Beaver). I’ll add Commissioner Gordon to the AW list also.

I’ll add Harold too.

Does the Batman Forever gang have an official name in the credits? I forgot to look and is it the same gang in Batman & Robin whose base gets taken over by Bane and Ivy?

I don’t think they have an official name. The Neon Dragons (tip of the hat to D"TD" W) would be good.

I never thought of the group in B&R being the same as BF but it could be, now that you mention it. The leader is certainly different though.

Eggy from Harley Quinn.
Chloe from Smallville.

Snapper Carr from old JL comics & appearances on animated movies. Darci the model/robot from obsession episode of STAS. Perry White voiced by Ed Asner in All-Star Superman. The Blackhawks from comics & Justice League & I am Legion JLU. King Faraday in to another shore JLU. Finally, Maggie Sawyer & Dan Turpin in Apokolips Now from STAS.

King Faraday’s neat. I’d like to see Ted Danson play him.

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Ted Samson in any DC role would be awesome

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John" Cliff Claven" Ratzenberger was in the best Reeve Superman movies. It’d be nifty to see him in a movie where Danson is Faraday.

Imagine…his character sits next to Faraday at a bar and he’s clearly beat for the day. “Boy”, he says. “I could use a drink.” Faraday looks at him like “Yeah… what are you looking at me for?”

Damn auto correct. Didn’t realize I put Samson

Jenny at the Daily Planet :earth_asia: in Man of Steel

Yeah that’s a good one. Like her scene with Perry White

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