favorite minor DC super hero

Who is your favorite minor DC super hero?

Blue beetle

Which Blue Beetle? Mine is the Ted Korn version.

Kord, I mean, obviously.

The Shining Knight for me. Sir Justin really isn’t used enough.

Would you consider cyborg minor? Hes gotten a lot more attention the last few years i think.


Andrew Bennett

Animal Man

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The Question.

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Mister Miracle!


Almost all of my favorites are minor characters: Amethyst, Manhunter, Rose & Thorn, and it goes on and on. I don’t get to see them hardly anymore in the new DC Universe. I am not that old either, in the grad scheme of DC history.

Metal Men

Cassandra Cain.

Not the Orphan version. That can just go away.

Dr. Midnite

I’ve always had a soft spot for Crimson Avenger