Favorite Justice League/Justice League Unlimited Episodes?

I distinctly remember every single Justice League episode I’ve ever watched. I remember my favorites, and I remember my least favorites. I even remember the episode titles.

Justice League The Animated Series Top 5 Episodes

  1. Terror Beyond
  2. Eclipse
  3. Secret Society
  4. Paradise Lost
  5. Fury

Justice League Unlimited Top 5 Episodes

  1. Destroy
  2. Grudge Match
  3. Once and Future Past
  4. This Little Piggy
  5. Kid Stuff

What are your top 5 episodes for Justice League and top 5 episodes for Justice League Unlimited?

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Not to be mean, but most of your picks are my least favorites, it’s cool tho your opinion my picks r

  1. Hereafter
  2. A better World
  3. Starcrossed
  4. Savage time
  5. Twilight or Secret Society
  6. Epilogue
  7. Divided we fall
  8. Destroyer
  9. Question Authority
  10. Panic in the sky

No favorite for Justice League, but The Greatest Story Never Told is my favorite of JLU.