Favorite JL/JLU episode

my top ten is
10. Clash
9. Panic in the sky
8. Question authority
7. The savage time
6. Starcrossed
5. Destroyer
4. A better world
3. Divided we fall
2. Hereafter

  1. Epilogue
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Justice League - Top 3

  1. Injustice for All (Part 1 & 2)
  2. Only A Dream (Part 1 & 2)
  3. Paradise Lost ( Part 1 & 2 )

Justice League Unlimited - Top 3

  1. For the Man Who Has Everything
  2. Flash & Substance
  3. Clash


JL…maybe Injustice For All? I don’t have a favorite offhand but that’s a likely candidate for one.

JLU…easily The Greatest Story Never Told. It substantially augmented my Booster Gold fandom. Booster: “Energize!” Tech: “Doofus.”

Fun stuff.

  1. The Great Brain Robbery (hysterical episode, with Micahel Rosenbaum at his best as Wally West)
  2. For The Man Who Has Everything (a near-perfect adaptation of arguably the greatest Superman story ever told)
  3. Starcrossed: The Movie (grand adventure with a heart-breaking betrayal)
  4. Secret Origins (the one that started it all)
  5. Wake the Dead (Hawkgirl’s great courage and compassion for a tortured soul that must be put down, this one made me cry)

10: The Great Brain Robbery
9: The Savage Times
8: Epilogue
7: Hereafter
6: Only a dream
5: The Cat and the Canary
4: Fearful Sematary
3: Legends
2: Flash and Substance
1: Divided we Fall Arc

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Double Date
Grudge Match
Dead Reckoning
To Another Shore
Chaos at the Earths Core
Kids Stuff
Fearful Symmetry
The Doomsday Sanction
Paradise Lost
A knight of shadows
Maid of Honor
The Terror Beyond
Secret Society
Wild Cards
Hearts and Minds
The Savage Time


The Great Brain Robbery. Easily.

Polaris: “You gonna wash your hands?”

Wally: “Nooo.”

Wally: “Because I’m eviil.”

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After missing Michael Rosenbaum’s version of Wally West for the first third of JLU, it was great to have him back on a more regular basis. Best moment was when Lex decides to learn Flash’s secret identity, only to realize that he has no idea who Flash is.

Since a lot of my favorites are already listed, here are other moments I enjoyed:

(1) Flash beating Lex Luthor and going into the Speed Force;
(2) Batman’s go-to-song to stay awake;
(3) Batman ready to sacrifice himself by piloting the Watchtower;
(4) Superman finally going all out against Darkseid;
(5) Martian Manhunter finding a wife (finally finding happiness again).