Favorite Injustice Character

Who’s your favorite character to play in the Injustice series? Any characters you’d like to see in Injustice 3?

My personal favorite to play is Darksied in Injustice 2. Still, hoping to see Beast Boy in an Injustice game.

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Green Lantern

Injustice 2:

Green Lantern
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Oh and for Injustice 3, I really want…

Deathstroke back
Dick Grayson
Beast Boy

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Injustice 1 :
Hero: Superman
Villain: Sinestro

Injustice 2 :
Hero: Green Lantern
Villain: Mr Freeze

Would enjoy seeing Etrigan the Demon, Metallo, or Hawkman in Injustice 3


For Injustice 2:
Wonder Woman
Black Canary
as of recently…Bane

Injustice 3
Beast Boy cuz I know they could make it happen!
Bring back Zatanna and ither injustice 2 characters. Maybe just do what smash is doing with Ultimate and even add on a couple new people that were highly requested

I agree. I want every character back for Injustice 3 that has ever been in a game.

Also, bring Hellboy back, because he’s just so much fun to play.

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All Injustice 1&2 characters returning with some new ones plus dlc would be f’n awesome!!!

Deathstroke or Shazam vs TMNT!

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I love Supergirl in Injustice 2. She’s my main.
Wonder Woman was my Injustuce 1 main and secondary in Injustice 2.

Blue Beetle all the way

It was kinda unfair of me to name a top 5 for each game but there’s just many great characters . I’ll name my two biggest mains for each game.

Injustice: Batman and Deathstroke
Injustice 2: Batman and Bane

Favorite from IJ & IJ2 is Superman. And the characters i would like to see in IJ3 would be Plastic Man or Wildcat.

Harley Quinn. She’s a great hero in Injustice, but boring as a hero in her own ongoing.

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@sushi - Injustice Grlund Zero made me fall in love with her.