Favorite Green Lantern

Who is your favorite member of The Green Lantern Corps, or favorite person to wear the ring?


So many great ones! It’s hard to pick one! Going to have to go with the OG Hal Jordan. Honorable mentions to my boy Sinestro as well as Kyle Rayner. Such great characters in the Green Lantern corner of the DC multiverse.


Kyle Rayner. He’s been the most versatile not only with his construct creativity, but his being the “torchbearer”, the ion multiple times, and being able to master the entire spectrum to become a white lantern.

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John Stewart. I really like Hal, but he’s a bit of a cliché hero. Kyle is a bit more dynamic but he feels a bit naive and green (pardon the pun). At least in the runs that I’ve read. John just feels like more of a real person. I also like how his constructs are very practical tools. While others are punching people with a giant green fist or something cartoonish like that, John is creating guns and planes and shields.

A toss up between the original Alan Scott and Guy Gardner for the Lantern that I like best.

Definitely Kyle. Alan would be a close second, but I always loved Kyle a lot more than Hal.

It’s a tie between Hal and Kyle

My sons name is Hal…so…yeah.

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  1. Hal
  2. Kyle
  3. Jon
  4. Jessica
  5. Guy
  6. Alan
  7. Simon

Hal for days dudes, Hal for days.

Guy by far. He always felt more real to me

Hal Jordan is my co-pilot

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And the 2 thanagarians who were at constant odds with each other.
… In that order and that is that.

Laira. I’m not too familiar with the lanterns, but I did really enjoy Laira in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.

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John Stewart

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Jessica Cruz

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Guy is my fav with John Stewart a close 2nd.



Hal Jordan, I love the OG legacy characters. Same thing with Flash. Not to say the rest are bad, I just love how Hal Jordan has never really been complicated. Kyle’s been a white lantern, Guy’s been a Red, John is dealing with the ultraviolet lanterns in Justice League rn, but Hal’s always just been a damn good green. I think it’s fun how he’s so stubborn.

It’s hard not to go with Hal but there are minor lanterns that I love as well. During Van Jensen’s run on Corps I really like Jruk. I also really enjoy Kilowog and Salaak.