Favorite Green Lantern Comics

What are your favorite Green Lantern Comics? What do you view as the best of the best? From old classics to modern day, list some of your favorite Green Lantern stories. What do you recommend for new readers, old readers, casuals, hardcores?

Heres my list of my favorite Green Lantern Stories. Please Note that I am not listing in any particular order, I like em all.

Green Lantern: Rebirth by Geoff Johns

Basically first one I recommend to any new readers for Green Lantern. Geoff Johns spectacular run begins here. Get your introduction to the iconic GL cast of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kilowog, etc and take on one of GL’s classic foes Parallax. This Rebirth basically sets the stage for the rest of Geoff Johns run and stories like the Sinestro Corps War.

Sinestro Corps War by Geoff Johns

One of GLs most iconic stories in recent years, a seriously epic event that changed the way people look at Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Lore. It brings Sinestro, GLs greatest villain, to the fore front and hes better than ever. The story is a rollercoaster of big action scenes and heartfelt emotions. Sinestro gathers a truly intimidating force and uses this Sinestro Corps to spread evil across the universe. Featuring many famous faces from GL Lore.

Blackest Night-Brightest Day

One of the biggest events Green Lantern has ever had if not the biggest event in terms of scale and impact on the DC Universe. A truly badass villain for the DC Universe and Green Lanterns. Its a really wild ride and if anyone is a fan of their favorite superheroes reanimated into zombie black lanterns then Blackest Night is for you. This is a fun but huge event so prepare to read a lot if you want to get the full scope of the story. Brightest Day is a direct follow up and its hard to talk about without giving spoilers. I liked them both, I think Brightest day was a good follow up .

Circle of Fire by Brian K. Vaughn

Featuring Kyle Rayner, Power Girl, Adam Strange, Fire Storm and, The Atom. A pretty wild story and an internal look into the character of Kyle Rayner and what defines him. With twists and turns, a fun intergalactic story featuring cameos from many iconic heroes. A deadly and seemingly unstoppable threat is headed straight for Earth. The threat has an interesting connection to Kyle Rayner.

Emerald Twilight-New Dawn written by Ron Marz

A little older than the other stories I list, but its a classic imo. Kicking off during and after Reign of the Supermen(90s). A massive explosion from a bomb set up by Mongul and Cyborg Superman destroys Coast City and millions of people that lived in it. Hal Jordan struggles with coming to terms with his loss and struggles with the responsibility that he has when he wields the power of the Ring. This is a story of when Hal Jordan crossed the line. And its epic and badass.

Honestly with GL, Geoff Johns whole run and whatever other work hes done with the character is top notch.

And if you’ve read all these stories and you still want more. You have Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern from the New 52 which were two stellar series and I recommend to any GL fan. In the Rebirth Relaunch Green Lanterns was fantastic imo and made Jessica Cruz an instant favorite of mine.

And more recently The Green Lantern by Grant Morrison. A current series that has been achieving critical claim, on ComicBookRoundup its got an average of 8.5+ reviews from critics and audiences which means its very good.

I know some peoples list are gonna differ from mine especially since I dont have any of the older stuff. So Id like to hear what are some of your recommendations and favorite GL stories?


Anything Geoff Johns related lol


@Redhood.55520 yeah since his version and iteration of the character is the one Im most familiar with and I hope if they ever make the movie they base it on some of his stories.

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I’m not a big GL reader but I love Grant Morrison, so I’ve been reading his new series. Issue seven just cake out and it was incredible, but his whole run so far has been wonderful!

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@bubbashelby I agree 1000% Its fantastic. Another classic Morrison run in the history books and I know people that usually dont like Morrison that have been enjoying this latest series.

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The Sinestro Corps War is my favorite GL story.

Morrison’s The Green Lantern is wonderfully odd and weird.