Favorite Green Lantern: Animated Series Episode? +We need more!

I just finished GL: The Animated Series. First time for me. As a big fan of all things DC animated, this series did not disappoint. It desperately needs to come back! There were so many good things happening with this show and I think season two would make many, many, many people happy. I for one, would definitely resubscribe to this service once my annual subscription expires if I knew there were new episodes of this show coming. I’m confident there are many others out there who feel the same way.

Anyone have a favorite episode??? I think mine is Cold Fury - when Aya fused with the Anti-monitor. Though they are all so good!


That’s tough because the show rarely wasted an episode. I loved just about every minute. That said, Lost Planet was fun. Larfleeze stood out. All of the aya eps are fab


For me, it’s “Babel”. Watching Hal, Kilowog and Razer try to coordinate without their power rings was hilarious lol