Favorite Fan Artists?

Hello everyone!

A little curious, but who are your favorite fan artists, and why? What is your favorite piece from them? I would love to become more acquainted with new artists!


The Sleepiest Pika


I may be biased, but I really enjoy seeing all the art that’s posted to this forum :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if I have favorite fan artists, I’m kind of a fan of all artists. But here are some of my favorite artists.

A. George Perez: greatest team book artist ever. New Teen Titans, JLA, Avengers.
B. John Byrne: another great team book artist, revitalized and created a horde of characters
C. Jim Aparo and Neal Adams: Probably my favorite Batman artists.
D. Dave Stevens. Favorite cover artist.
E. Frank Cho
F. Amanda Conner
G. Alex Ross
H. Michael Golden
I. Stanley Lau artgerm
J. Brian Bolland
K. Carmine Infantino
L. Frank Frazetta
M. Bill Ward
Probably ought’a take a break.:grin:


I’m with Applejack, there are some incredible artists here on the boards. :slight_smile: Always a pleasure to see their work.