Favorite episode of “The Batman”

Since this show’s on dc universe why not celebrate, i personally love the show and it’s my second favorite batman one behind btas, yea that’s right brave and the bold, it’s more of a dc show than a batman show. Here’s my top ten favorite episodes everybody else leave their favorites down below
10. seconds
9. gotham’s ultimate criminal mastermind
8. white heat
7. a fistful full of felt
6. artifacts
5. the rubber face of comedy/clayface of tragedy
4. strange new world
3. the laughing bat
2. the joining

  1. night in the city

One of my personal favorites is “The Riddler’s Revenge”. Because you get to see what he was like before he became the Ridler. And in the end, you can’t help but feel sad for him. And I also love the ending in which Batman asks the question “ when is a villain, not THE villain?”

Last season had amazing episodes. But favorite has got to be the one were everyone in Gotham turns into zombies

Top 5:

  1. Artifacts
  2. Night & the City
  3. Team Penguin
  4. The Icy Depths
    5.The Laughing Bat

Is anyone else having trouble watching S3 episode 10 two of a kind.
It’s playing riddles revenge for me.