Favorite Easter Eggs in YJ

After reading Joshua’s young justice Easter egg column, he said to list your favorite ones not included in the column. I couldn’t find a thread but 2 of mine are. When Lex Luthor activates Roy Harpers mind control he uses the phrase “broken arrow”. This refers to Roy’s Navajo background in which he’s given the name Broken Arrow in TNTT. After he stays on the reservation to get clean, the fellow Navajo community nicknames him this due to the condition he was in upon arrival. The second is the same with Super Boy. He uses the code phrase Red Son. Red Son is of course a 3 issue format comic released under the Elseworlds imprint. What are your favorites?

Mods u can delete this thread. AJ created one & I put same answer on his. BROKEN ARROW if u catch my drift.???

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