Favorite DCEU scene?

What is your favorite moment or scene from the current five films in the Worlds of DC film series?

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if i had to choose just one it would be everything leading up to the smallville fight scene from when Zod threatens Martha until General Hardy sees Superman as an ally.

sorry i meant colonel hardy not general

I always think about Colonel Hathi when they would say his name


For me it’s a three-way tie between everything that happened on Themyscira in WW, everything that happened in Krypton in MOS, and the Superman vs. Justice League scene in JL.

The Battle of Smallville in MoS, Faora was a total bad@$$. Better than anything I’ve ever seen in any action movie.
Batman warehouse fight in BvS is a distant second place

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BvS warehouse scene. Reminds me of Batman Arkham series.

The end credits to the Academy Award winning Suicide Squad. Seriously though, I’d probably have to say the trench and village assault from Wonder Woman.

The interrogation room scene in The Dark Knight.

Dark Knight isn’t part of the DCEU

Doomsday fight. It’s the most epic thing I have ever seen.

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“You’re not brave, men are brave” or when steppenwolf makes his first appearance in themiscara

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First time the Trinity appeared on live action screen!!


Favorite for me is the Warehouse scene in Dawn of Justice, where Batman beats up the thugs to save Martha. Runner up scene would be the Batman in armor fighting Superman in the rain on the roof top scene shortly before.

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Perry and Lombard staying with Jenny as the gravity pulse comes towards them while Superman battles the World Engine in the Indian Ocean. The actors sold it so good that I actually forgot it was a superhero movie and was actually surprised Superman saved the day.

MOS- Faora taking on the army. And when Lois told Kal to be careful those bags are heavy. Lol
BVS- warehouse scene. And trilogy moment.
WW- no mans land. French village fight.
SS- deadshots audition. And Amanda Waller’s badass moments
JL- Superman sees flash running. Flash Superman race.
AM- when he drinks. Lol
SHAZ- ‘hey ladies. I’m a superhero’ moment. Charging Phones. And flossing.

When Flash taps Wonder Woman’s sword back to her in Justice League

Aquaman bearing his soul while sitting on the lasso of truth in Justice League. It was surprising and hysterical. How it made into the Justice League movie I have no idea. But it was one of the few good scenes in that dreadful film.

Suicide Squad the club scene! I absolutely love that scene. The clothing, the set, the way they filmed it! I also loved the scenes as harley quinn as a doctor.