Favorite DCEU Film

Considering there isn’t really much to like in the DCEU, this would be hard. But if I were to pick one, it would probably be Man of Steel. The action scenes are intense, some really cool symbolism and just enough plot to justify its existence. I would pick Wonder Woman if it didn’t seem so generic, but oh well.


While the third act is weak I’d have to go with Wonder Woman. The first 2 acts are without a doubt the best part of the DCEU

Man of Steel


Batman v superman ue

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Man of Steel

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Man of Steel, followed by BvS. I do have high hopes for Aquaman as well.

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Man of Steel. I was so happy to see Superman finally taken seriously again. I found everything to be so well thought out! Lois isnt fooled by glasses, she’s in on the secret. Pa Kent, in the real world, wouldnt tell his alien son to go make a spectacle of himself, he knows how humanity would respond with fear and hostility, he has no reason to suspect Clark is bullet proof, why chance it? If Superman existed, people would question their religion and their very existence. Sometimes, you need to put an animal out of its misery, anyone raised on a farm knows this. I really feel like everything served a purpose in that movie, so I really felt that sequel would take into account the destruction of Metropolis as a plot point for character development. I feel the complaints against it are generally petty, narrow, and generic.
Wonder Woman would be a close second if that 3rd act wasnt a big, Hollywood supervillain cliche. “THEN I WILL DESTROOOOOOY YOOOOUUUUU!!!”
F*** off with that generic crap.


Justice League. It’s really fun to watch and ties in well with the previous storylines from the DCEU. Batman v Superman is second minus how Jesse Eisenberg portrays Lex Luthor.

Batman v Superman. Incredible film, nothing comes close although I think Snyder’s original plan for Justice League would have.


So far, Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman

Man of Steel. It has a solid story. I feel like this is how superman is supposed to be except for the destroying half of the city part.

I know what isn’t my favorite, Justice League



Hands down, the winner for me is Wonder Woman.

Have to say Dawn of Justice

Man of Steel.

Wonder is definitely the best made film in the DCEU thus far, but Wonder Woman has just never been an interesting character for me, so I couldn’t fall in love with it. Justice League is fun, but it’s a mess and not the shot in the arm this universe desperately needed. Suicide Squad was a dumpster fire and it’s alll the studios fault; Ayer’s original vision could have translated to a passable film at least. BvS is good, but it really is DARK, like almost unnecessarily at times, and it was clearly a rush job to launch a film universe. Man of Steel has my favorite Superman, shows that Zack Snyder is an amazing cinematagropher(albeit a mediocre writer/director) and the entire las hour of the film is exciting all the way through.

Well, this is like saying what is your favorite procedure at the dentist, but Wonder Woman is the best DCEU movie to date. It’s a solid origin story with great action sequences and fine performances from the principles. Yes, that third act is weak, but it is saved by Steve’s noble and heartwrenching sacrifice.

Justice League. Wonder Woman is the best film but am just more entertained and interested in JL

Man of Steel, Batman v Superman DOJ, Justice League, Wonder Woman

Man of Steel,Batman v Superman, and Justice League.

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