Favorite DC Thing From Every Medium

I think I’ve made this thread before but can’t find or remember.

Comic - Batman: Earth One or No Man’s Land

Film(animated or live action) - Batman’89

TV Show(animated or live action) - Batman: The Animated Series or Justice League/Unlimited

Videogame - DC UniverseOnline


Comic: All Star Superman

Live Action Movie: Dark Knight Rises

Animated Movie: Under the Redhood

Animated Show: Young Justice

Live Action Show: Titans

Video Game: LEGO Batman 2


I was going to name Titans as my favorite show but I feel like I should wait till after the last episode of the season to decide

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Comic: Batman: Year One
TV/Live Action: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Film: Superman The Movie
TV/ Animated: Justice League Unlimited
Animated Movie: Batman: Under the Red Hood

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Comic: Batman: The Killing Joke

TV/Live Action: Titans (it’s won me over)

Film: Batman Returns

TV/ Animated: Batman: The Animated Series

Animated Movie: Batman: Gotham By Gaslight


Comic-New Gods
Film- Watchmen
Animated- young justice
Video game- tecmo bowl

Man that’s tough multiple answers for each just did 1st thought & stuck, good poll tho.

Man of steel , dawn of justice ultimate edition, wonder woman I’m sure I’ll be adding aquaman soon.

Comic - Green Arrow
Tv Show - black lightning
Animated dc show - Batman beyond
Video game - Arkham series
Movie - Wonder Woman or TDK
Animated movie - Justice league war

Comic: The Batman Adventures: Mad Love
Live Action Movie: The Dark Knight
Animated Movie: Batman: Under the Red Hood
Animated Show: Batman: The Animated Series
Live Action Show: Arrow
Video Game: Injustice 2

Comic: Kingdom Come
Live Action Movie: Superman (1978)
Animated Movie: New Frontier
Live Action TV: Titans (right now at least)
Animated TV: Young Justice
Video Game: DC Universe Online

Comic; Justice League Identity Crisis
Movie; Wonder Woman
TV; Batman 66
Animated TV; Justice League Unlimited
Animated movie; Batman Bad Blood

A lot of you like to separate animated and live action films & shows huh?

Is that case…

Animated Film - Justice League: The Final Frontier

Live Action TV Show - Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Although I have a feeling Titans will be my new favorite after the season ends