Favorite DC Movie Trailers

My favorite is the main trailer for Batman Forever: https://youtu.be/ROLvjRB4E_Q

I remember seeing it when it debuted on Entertainment Tonight and it blew my mind! I had no idea what to expect from the third Batman movie, only that it was coming. Once I saw footage of the movie, my excitement was total and absolute. June 16th, 1995 just could not come fast enough at that point.

So, what’s your creme de la creme of DC movie trailers?

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The trailer that got me most excited for a movie? Watchmen, hands down.

In second place, I’d say Batman (1989). I remember asking the ticket-takers at the movie theatre if I could just sneak in and watch the trailer from the back. They were very kind.

Is it the Watchmen trailer that theatrically played with The Dark Knight and featured Smashing Pumpkins music in it or the second one that you like the most?

I prefer the first one (the second is good too): https://youtu.be/NUjMO_k9IF8

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gotta say the Wonder Woman Comic Con trailer, even watching it just now got me a lil too hype lol


also here are a couple of awesome fan made trailers for The Dark Knight and Suicide Squad



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@Vroom. Yup, that was the one.

As much as I enjoyed The Dark Knight, I’ve often said over the years that after the Watchmen trailer, everything was downhill from there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@Super-Squirrel The first time (of many) that I saw The Dark Knight in theaters was an advanced screening that featured the original Watchmen trailer.

Everyone in the filled to capacity theater must have been a comic fan because there were cheers and claps all through that trailer, and for good reason. Using the second SP song from the Batman & Robin soundtrack was an inspired choice too.

I saw the second Watchmen trailer with Yes Man when it came out. Yes Man was a bad movie, but that Watchmen trailer was quite slick at least :slight_smile:

Suicide squad trailer number 2
Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody playing
That entire trailer was amazing from beginning to end