Favorite DC/Marvel Crossovers

I love JLAvengers and even DC vs. Marvel from the 90s. Batman vs. Punisher is great. But I have to say Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk might very well be the best of them all (story wise). It’s definitely the most underrated IMO. John Byrnes Batman Capt America team ups are fantastic as well. Theres a bunch more out there what’re some of your favorites.

Also if/when the big 2 ever crossover again what would you like to see? Personally I’d die for an epic maxi-series going deep into both universes mythos’. I know it’ll never happen, but that doesn’t change the fact thats what I’d really love for them to do .



I don’t have a particular desire for a certain DC/Marvel cross-over that I would like to see…

I just stopped in to dispense my love for the Batman vs. Punisher crossover.


“You and that giggling idiot deserve each other.” Yup Batman vs. Punisher was awesome

I want to see a comic where Gwenpool, Animal Man and Ambush Bug sit in a coffee shop and have an existential talk about the self awareness of knowing they are comic book characters… She-Hulk can join in.

And for the record… I am only half kidding.

Not DC and Marvel, but anyone ever read Archie and Punisher or Archie and…what was it? Predator?

I like looking at amalgam designs and characters but could care less about the actually stories

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@Vroom I havent read Archie and Punisher but I’ve heard it’s hillarious.

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Regarding Archie and The Punisher, I wonder if it’s a critique on how stupid quite a few company crossovers are.

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Yeah I bet it is a parody of that.

I loved when DC and Marvel got together to produce Amalgam Comics featuring combined versions of their characters like Lobo the Duck, Super Soldier and Iron Lantern. Its a real shame they couldn’t come together and bring this idea back when Convergence and Secret Wars were going on at the same time and it would have fit flawlessly into both events.

it seems like batman is the best, lol it’s cuz he’s such a great character and can pretty much do anything. Plus his villains are great

also i’d love batman/daredevil, green lantern/iron man, lex luthor/iron man, joker vs like anyone, but spiderman particularly. wolverine/batman, hulk/superman with a great fight, but some good character exploration, flash and fantastic 4. daredevil/nightwing, and of course captain america/deathstroke/punisher/deadshot

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@ tjjackson9.31283 There are two Batman-Daredevil crossovers…


and two Batman-Spider-man as well…


Ironman-Luthor would be awesome. People have been clamoring for Wolverine-Batman since the mid nineties . The closing thing we got was the Darkclaw amalgam from '96. Speaking of which I was never a huge fan of the Amalgam Universe. Nifty idea and all, but not my cup of tea,