Favorite DC Game

Mine is batman Arkham vr


Arkham city was just from top to bottom a fantastic story, had polished the gameplay to a near perfect sheen, and transitioned to an open world flawlessly. AC is definitely my favorite DC game and probably in my top 10 games of all time.


Arkham Asylum


I’m gonna help you out here

This is the best gaming experience for DC.

1 turn on dark knights metal album

2 turn on Arkham Knight

3 profit

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Arkham City is perfect in every way especially since Paul Dini wrote it. But another favorite of mine is a SNES gem called the death and return of superman. Such a great sidescrolling beat em up

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You can’t go wrong with Arkham Asylum or Arkham City. I think that which game you enjoy more comes down to personal preference. I’ve personally prefer how claustrophobic Asylum feels. I also feel that the story is just a little tighter in that game. I think Arkham City has a little bit of an issue sticking the landing. Ever since the game first came out I’ve had a little bit of an issue with the ending.

I feel like the Arkham games are the obvious answer though. I really enjoyed the first Injustice game. I never got a chance to play the second one, but as a fan of the Mortal Kombat franchise (I hated the DC vs MK game) I like how that gameplay fits with the DC characters.

I also have a soft spot for the Lego Batman games.

As far as what I would love to see in the future, I’ve always thought the there was giant potential with the Green Lantern franchise. I would love to see a game that lets you pick one of multiple alien planets as your home world and then let’s you loose. Complete customization of your constructs should be a huge part of the game, as well as giving you the option to join the Sinestro Corps. The way you would interact with the worlds would depend on both what alien you chose at the start of the game as well as based on the decisions you make throughout it. The amount of customization would give the game massive replayability.


I prefer Arkham Asylum’s visuals and dark tone, Arkham City’s music, Arkham Origins’s gameplay (have only played for a little bit, but I know some of the new mechanics like recreating the crime scene), and then Arkham Knight’s storyline (have not played, but have watched videos).

I am also a fan of the Lego games, Telltale, Scribblenauts, and somewhat Injustice.

Your idea about a Green Lantern video game sounds awesome. I think a Flash video game would also be cool.


DC Universe Online or Batman: Arkham Asylum

In general, mine is Batman: Arkham Knight though right now Injustice 2 is great.

Arkham City is the only one I played any suggestions

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You played Arkham City before Arkham Asylum?!?!?? Some events in City are built from Asylum, so what are you doing in the community section?; If you have a PC, get Arkham Asylum while it is on sale, and sit in a dark room and play until you complete it.

My recommendation for Asylum though is on console where you can play as the Joker, but with some mods, you can play as the Joker on PC.

I played Arkham City --> arkham knight --> arkham origins --> arkham asylum xD it’s a little bit special to play in this order… My favorite game is Injustice 2 ^^ but I’ve enjoyed playing all the lego games and the entire arkham serie :smiley:

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I’m actually replaying the Batman Arkham Trilogy right now. I’m in the middle of Arkham City and can’t wait to experience it on my larger 62" television.

However, I would venture to say that the Injustice game for iPad (at it’s prime) and Injustice 1 and 2 for the PS4 are my most favorite DC Universe games. I did like how the game varied by device and the player experience was different between the formats. The gameplay was similar yet very different, which allowed for players to play on both platforms with each a different experience. Way to go, DC!

I would like to see a Clark Kent or Justice League video game, however. Hint, Hint, DC!

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I prefer stealth games, but I would love a Superman game. I have hope.