Favorite DC Comics Podcasts… How To Listen Along With DC Universe Infinite Releases

Looking for suggestions for DC comics focused PodCasts/YouTube channels that are still active. Also, I have switched to reading based on availability on DC Universe Infinite. Is there a podcast that follows the releases on DC Universe Infinite, or for your recommended podcast, do you have a recommendation for where to start listening to keep on the same calendar as DC Universe Infinite? (I looked at a few, and it doesnt seem to work so well to just count 6 months back)


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There is the Fire and Water podcast that focuses on Aquaman and Firestorm. On that network you also have a podcast covering DC’s Who Who and a podcast on the JLI run of Justice League.

They’re informative but also fun and highly recommended


One of the best and longest running I’ve seen is Raging Bullets.


Nice, I have listened to them before. I need to figure out where/when to listen to them so that they are in synch with DC Infinite