Favorite comic book artists!

Who are your guys favorite comic book artists? Top 3 or top 5 doesn’t matter. Mine are Jack Kirby, George Perez, Jim Lee, John Romita and Ivan Reis

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Kirby, Lee, and Capullo

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Tom Grummett, Ed McGuiness, Damian Scott, Micheal Turner (R.I.P.) Khary Randolph, Jim Lee.

Jim Lee , Jae Lee, P Craig Russell, Alex Ross, Barry Windsor Smith in no particular order

Jae Lee

Ed McGuiness, Ariel Olivetti, Greg Capullo

Jim Lee. His style just epitomizes the 90s. I think most artists at the time wanted to be like Lee.

Andrea Sorrentino. The first few issues of his run on Green Arrow I wasn’t feeling. Then at some point I started noticing the crazy panel layouts and really got into him. His work on Old Man Logan made that series for me.

But my favorite of all time (at least as far as I feel in the moment) is Francis Manapul. The first work of his I read was New 52 Flash. Damn did I love the art on that series. Detective Comics was great too, but I like his stuff more when its bright.

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George Perez, Jim Lee, and Todd McFarlane.

Neal Adams, Curt Swan, Jack Kirby, John Buscema and Ross Andru.

Jack Kirby, Tim Sale, Darwin Cooke, Matt Wagner, Bernie Wrightson, Thomas Yeates, Carmine Infantino, Neal Adams, Will Eisner, Dave Gibbons, Joe Kubert, Bob Hall and Mike Mignola (when he does a DC title).

Can I add more favorite artists? Joe Kubert, Gil Kane, Sal Buscema, George Perez, Carmine Infantino, John Romita Sr.,
Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, Berni Wrightson, David Mazzuchelli, Jim Steranko, Irv Novick, Ramona Fradon, Russ Heath, Jim Mooney, Barry Smith, Nick Cardy, Dave Cockrum, Mike Grell and last but never least–the “amazing” STEVE DITKO.

Sean Murphy is a good one.