Favorite Character of Each Decade

Who is your favorite DC character to debut in every decade of DC history?

My personal list:

1930s: Lois Lane
1940s: The Human Bomb
1950s: Space Cabbie
1960s: The Question (Vic Sage)
1970s: Lady Shiva
1980s: Amanda Waller
1990s: Cassandra Cain
2000s: Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)
2010s: Jessica Cruz


A much more Green Lantern-heavy list than I would’ve expected:
1930s: Batman
1940s: The Riddler
1950s: Hal Jordan
1960s: Barbara Gordon
1970s: Harvey Bullock
1980s: Mogo
1990s: Cassandra Cain
2000s: Hush
2010s: I honestly don’t know that many characters introduced in the most recent decade that I actually like. I still haven’t read Green Lanterns, but Jessica Cruz does seem pretty cool based on what I know of her, so I guess I’ll go with her.


1930: Ulta-Humanite
1940: Doctor Fate
1950: Lana Lang
1960: Zatanna
1970: Big Barda
1980: Huntress
1990: Jesse Quick
2000: Blue Beetle
2010: Dollmaker

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