Favorite Batmobiles

Across all forms of the dc universe, which batmobiles are your top favorites? For me…

Tim Burton’s

Batman: The Animated Series

The New Adventures of Batman & Robin

Batman Beyond

1960’s/Adam West’s


1960s batmobile best batmobile habds down!!!


-Batman Forever
-George Barris
-David Finch’s design
-flying version from Batman and Robin


The Titans One has heavy resemblance to the classic Batman Animated series one. So I might go with that


The Titans car in one shot looked like The New Adventures of Batman and Robin but then another shot looked like the 60’s car than anything like TAS

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#1 60s Batmobile
#2 1989 Batmobile
#3 Batman TAS

David Finch sounds familiar but who’s he and George Barris?

David Finch is a badass comic book artist. See the following:

-Batman: The Dark Knight (volume one, ran from '10-'11)
-Batman: The Dark Knight (volume two, which is The New 52 series)
-Forever Evil
-first and third arcs of the Rebirth Batman series
-multiple variant covers
-a gaggle of other stuff I can’t recall with precision at the moment

He’s done some creator owned stuff (Aphrodite IX is very crash) and Marvel titles also.

George Barris was a famous car designer for several movies and television shows. He designed the Munsters’ car, the Adam West series Batmobile and alot of other stuff. He was a tremendously talented guy.

There’s also a filmmaker named David Fincher (Seven, The Game, Fight Club, Gone Girl, etc). He too is a badass =)

It’s incredible how George Barris’s design still stands out and is such a timeless classic from 1966 to even now in late 2018

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Ab-so-lutely. I’m not a car enthusiast but even I find Barris’ work fascinating.

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Batman 1989-1992 Batmobile
Batman The Animated Series Batman
Batman v. Superman/Suicide Squad/Justice League’s Batmobile

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BTAS Batmobile, 60s Batmobile, and Dark Knight Batmobile

The Tumbler and Arkham Knight’s batmobile has grown on me a lot over time but still not a favorite

Does the Batman Beyond vehicle count as a batmobile? I guess it can be a bat plane but am pretty sure I remember it being referenced as a batmobile or car. The cars in the future just fly

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It’s as much a Batmobile as the one that can fly that Dick and Damian used. The toy of it is labeled as a Batmobile too.

Batman Forever has my favorite Batmobile. Love the shot of him standing next to it in the cave at the films open.


Sometimes I dig it and other times not so much. Depends on a weird mood I guess

That’s one of my favorite shots in Batman Forever. The atmosphere is perfect and completely embodies Batman in general. The music is cool too.

A fantastic shot that would have been perfect had Kilmer kept a serious face with mouth closed . His lips looked weird