Favorite batman writer?

What is your favorite batman writer? One of my personal go to’s is always paul dini, especially for his work on the animated series and various comics like mad love and heart of hush. But lately I’ve REALLY gotten into james tynion the IV’s work on comics like detective comics and the batman/teenage mutant ninja turtles trilogy of crossovers. Dude is a genius. Also can’t forget jeph loeb!

Even though I have the most amount of Batman books from Scott Snyder, I think I’d still have to go w/ Jeph Loeb, mainly because of Hush, Long Halloween and Dark Victory

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I might go with this ranking if we’re allowing adaptations and working purely on personal preference:

  1. Paul Dini. He really is great. His best stuff is from BTAS and the first two Arkham games, though. His Detective Comics run was good, but not quite as notable as his adaptation work.
  2. Denny O’Neil. His run in the early '70s is crucially important in cementing him as the father of modern Batman, but I think some of his later work (like his stories in Legends of the Dark Knight) is better.
  3. I’ll tentatively say Chuck Dixon. He’s mainly known for working on Robin and Nightwing (and my favorite book of his is Birds of Prey), but his Detective Comics run is still pretty solid. He’d sometimes write an excessively grouchy Batman to generate conflict for other characters, so I don’t know that he’s the best for Batman as a character, but he did a lot of great stories in the Batman franchise.
  4. Jeph Loeb’s body of work is smaller than some of the others I’m talking about here and I have mixed feelings about some of it, but I still like Hush and The Long Halloween is an absolute classic. For those two alone I have to rank him pretty high.
  5. I’d be remiss not to mention Bill Finger. Aside from his importance as Batman’s creator and most prolific writer, he was also honestly just better than a lot of his contemporaries.
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Golden/Silver Ages: Bill Finger, followed by Gardner Fox.
Bronze/Dark Ages: Mike W. Barr, followed by Gerry Conway.
New Millennium: Grant Morrison, followed by Tom King.

Paul Dini. He wrote many amazing episodes for Batman The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, and Batman Beyond.

My two favorite are Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. He wrote the stories for the first 2 entries in the Batman Arkham video game series.

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That’s a great choice! Loeb has done great stuff with the character

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Those are all VERY solid choices!

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