Favorite Batman Beyond episode

for me it’s
10. s305 out of the past
9. s212 babel
8. s307/08 the call
7. s111 disappearing inque
6. s216 the last resort
5. s219 zeta
4. s112 rebirth
3. s105 meltdown
2. s106 heroes

  1. s104 golem
    Even though epilogue really should be #1

“Earth Mover.” Omg what a reunion!

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Love the one where Terry takes Bruce to the musical Batman for his Birthday, I thought it was funny. :laughing:


#1 Favorite in Script & Story:
Rebirth Part 1 & 2

Loved seeing the origin story of Terry and seeing what became of Bruce & Gotham City years after the events of Batman the animated series, The New Adventures & Justice League / Justice League Unlimited.

Season 1 storyline was the best for me honestly…

My Personal Favorite: “Meltdown”

Again it’s great seeing a thrilling conclusion to my favorite character’s storyline in this universe , Mr Freeze, & seeing him go toe to toe with Blight. But I love this one mainly for Freeze, as usual lol


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Epilogue but if you a actually episode if the show then The Call