Favorite Batman (Aside From Bruce Wayne)

  • Dick Grayson
  • Jason Todd
  • Jean-Paul Valley
  • Terry McGinnis
  • Thomas Wayne
  • Tim Drake

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If it has to be anyone, it has to be Dick.


On pen and paper I think Dick as Batman sounds the best being the first Robin and it would be like him coming full circle when he’s Batman. However, he had an attitude about not wanting to be Batman unless Bruce needs him to take his place. I think he never seemed to have the fire to wear the cape and cowl.


Cassandra Cain


It’s Tim rightful place as Batman. Dick seems like the right choice at first, but it’s Tim.


Dick Grayson is the best.

Jean Paul Valley is probably my favorite for nostalgia and for reminding everyone why Bruce is so great.


Dick Grayson


QFT. I voted for Jean-Paul for nostalgia too, but also because he helps emphasize how great Bruce and Dick are.

Terry is a close second. Bruce aside, I don’t think anyone else could rattle off “I AM Batman!” as well as he did.


I voted Dick. He’s one of my favorite characters, he carried the mantle well, and I loved his Batman dynamic duo with Robin (although I love his big brother vibe in general with the other Robins).

I do agree that Dick is and wants to be Nightwing, so he would just be Bats until another is truly ready for the mantle, but he’s still my favorite Batman (aside from Bruce Wayne?).


Jean-Paul. Cause if at first you don’t succeed…


Dick Grayson gets my vote

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I’m taking my man MaGinnis the beyond series r super fun the way you get shots of the past old villains new ones,funny slang terms “slaggit” and him in Futures End man that was cool Tim Drake was a solid choice as well smart without the chip on ur shoulder attitude he also takes the roll of batman beyond for a while too


I grew up watching Batman beyond reruns so my choice is a bit bias.


I think that Jean-Paul is my favorite Batman (other than Bruce). Knight fall was one of my first Batman story. It was so interesting to see Bruce become broken, and a new batman being forced to take the mantel. Also, that armor was awesome!!


Yeah mines bias, but its still cool.


Wait. Bruce Wayne is Batman?! Why wasn’t I told this before now?! Who else knew before me?


Well… Are we talking best character, best run as Batman, or best in-universe choice of successor?

In order: Dick, Jean-Paul (fight me), Tim.

I like Dick. I like Dick’s runs as Batman, particularly the original outing in Prodigal. But he’s his own dude and does his own thing.

Jean-Paul is generally an underrated character. He was an absolute train wreck of a Batman, sure, but that was the whole point of the story. And more people should read his solo series. He had some really cool character development, though I think even after that he wouldn’t want to be Batman.

Tim doesn’t really want the cape and cowl either, but I do think he’d be good at it. More than anything else, Batman needs to be the World’s Greatest Detective. Tim can do that.

For the other guys: I don’t think even most of Jason’s actual fans think he would be a very good Batman. Maybe if he’d never died (actually, that would be a cool Elseworld), but certainly not now. Thomas Wayne really needs to just stay dead. And… honestly, I’m gonna ruffle some feathers here, but I don’t really care about Batman Beyond. If I wanted Spider-Man, I’d read Spider-Man.

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I think Terry or Tim, for opposite reasons. Tim is the best detective and Terry is the most overall similar to Bruce. I chose Terry because he embodies Batman more to me than Tim who could be more than Batman, at least the Bruce Batman. Terry is most similar to Bruce, at least from what I saw in Batman Beyond. Tim could be a brilliant Batman, but would be a different type than Bruce. Terry would be the most similar.

Dick grew out of Batman and was raised to be better than Bruce and not need the mantle. While he could do it, he’s better off without the mantle. Young Justice Bruce exemplified this when he said he took Dick in and had him be Robin so he wouldn’t become like Bruce. Dick has too much joy to be Batman, so he’s not my favorite because I want that better life for him.

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Azriel seems to be missing… :scream: