favorite artists and writers?

Hey all, so just going through my collection such as it is ( I lost probably 3/4 my collection in a move last year). I noticed like half my stuff is Garth Ennis, I was like well I guess I’m a huge fan. Just wondering who everyone is digging. Maybe some pointers on who would be fun to start reading on here. As far as arts concerned, I’ve always loved Jim Lee I think his work is freaking beautiful!!!


Brian Azzarello is usually a solid writer. His work tends to skew toward darker crime comics, but he has written for each of the Trinity in their monthly books.


With regards to Ennis, have you read Hitman?

My top two favorite modern DC writers are Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns. Favorite artist is Jim Lee.

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Oh man haven’t read Hitman since I was in high school! Definitely going to go back and revisit that. Yeah buddy!!! to Morrison and John’s. I got Azzarellos Joker the art on that is freaking beautiful hats off to Lee Bermejo!!! Love dark crime so I’ll be checking out more of Azarellos. Speaking of Grant Morrison I hope everyone is watching Happy! With my main man Chris Meloni!!!

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More writers

Grant Morrison-Doom Patrol, Allstar Superman

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray- Allstar Western featuring Jonah Hex

Denny Oneil- Legends of the Dark Knight

Dan Slott- Arkham Asylum Living Hell

Jeff Loeb- Long Halloween, Catwoman: When in Rome

Greg Rucka- Batwoman

Paul Dini- Arkham City, Mad Love

Bruce Jones- Scarecrow year one

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J. H. Williams lll- Batwoman

Jim Lee

Sean Gordon Murphy- White Knight, Scarecrow year one

Lee Bermejo

Alex Ross

Ryan Sook

Eric Powell-Action Comics covers Bizarro

Kelly Jones-Red Rain, Batman Unseen

Tim Sale

Darwyn Cooke

Tony S. Daniel

Ethan Van Sciver

Rags Morales-Identity Crisis

John Cassady- Gods & Monsters Batman cover

Jae Lee

Bruce Timm

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Jim Lee is the best artist. Too many great writers.

The Wonder Woman #51 cover artist is amazing though

I love Francis Manapul’s run in the New 52 Flash!

Brian Azzerallo is awesome! I’m a sucker for Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti comics.