Fav comic series

What is your fav comic book series. Even though I have only now read 3, the Batman: Gotham Knights looks cool. It has my favorite villains in it like Bane, Scarecrow, Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy, Clayface, and the Joker


Right now it’s Swamp Thing :slight_smile:

Batman: The Long Halloween, probably. But that changes just about every 5 minutes.

My favorite current series is Bendis’ Young Justice.

All time favorite? Whew, I couldn’t ever pick an all-time favorite series. Just far, far, far too many wonderfully fun and entertaining series out there to choose one.

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Identity Crisis. Phenomenal righting. Impactful consequences. And overall just a phenomenal read through. It’s one of the few series I constantly go back to and reread. A close second is Brian Azarello’s Joker for it’s disturbing story and gorgeous art.

Giffen & DeMatteis JLI (and JLE).

Going to agree with @LeonardoMyst The Giffen era Justice League and all it’s tie in books are still the comic book series I remember most fondly. Also honorable mention to All-Star Squadron.

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Eyes of the Gorgon by Greg Rucka. Azarello’s entire WW N52 run. Batman the Long Halloween I re-read every October. JLA: Tower of Babel is another classic I always like to go back to. I love Mark Waid’s flash stuff. That’s ‘of all time’ even though I’m not sure I could ever just pick one. At the moment I’m really liking the current Justice League run and Justice League Dark as well. Rebirth Flash has been really great imo and Sam Humphrie’s run on Green Lanterns ended up being one of my fav in Rebirth so far.