Fast and Furious and Wonderful!

I dunno what everyone complains about with the Rewards system and the Shipping times.

Less than a week after I spent all my points… BA BAM!

Love You DC, Thanks Sooo Much! :blue_heart: :black_heart: :blue_heart:


Congrats on the statue! For some people there’s defiantly an issue though. Pretty sure it’s been 2-1/2-3 months since I redeemed tokens for the DP S2 poster and HQ pins :rofl: It’s whatever though I guess, they would have been basically for free had they ever arrived. Not like I wasn’t already reading comics and watching shows on here. Besides the Mods had hook me up with some cool free stuff anyway for the whole community hero thing a while back.

If these products are being sent out through the Shop, those people kinda suck. Bought the JLU figs when price dropped to $130 or what ever it was and had to send 5 of them back because of quality control. Then again when 2 of those were messed up. On the 3rd try they still sent me messed up ones. MM foot is connected to ankle joint in the wrong place and so is batman’s left forearm. Said screw it and didn’t try for a forth time. First and last time I got something from the shop.


Wonderfully Awesome™:+1:


That’s awesome @Carbon.

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