Farewell To This Great Site

Hello fellow DC fans.

It’s been a long minute since my last meaningful post on this website. I joined right around the time DC Universe was introduced. Back when we couldn’t edit posts, had to use outside websites to upload pictures, and we had a daily tv show :slightly_smiling_face:. I haven’t been active for personal reasons for the past months, but I’ve occasionally checked in. During my latest check-in, I learned that this site is closing in favor of a Discord server. I have some not so positive feelings about that, but that’s not the purpose of this post.

I spent good times here: chronicled my (now defunct) collecting habits, had some engaging discussions about DC comic books, movies, and shows, reacted to DC related news, and had the good fortune of virtually meeting some nice online folks along the way. There are highlights. Being a regular fixture in Collectors Corner comes to mind, so does getting quoted on DC Daily, and of course engaging in anything Superman related.

The biggest highlight of them all is interacting with DC Community members.

@Vroom Fellow Superman fan with the photographic memory, keen sense of humor, treasure trove of DC knowledge, and encyclopedic awareness of all things DC collectibles. Thank you for the good times brother.

@DC89 The Batgirl fan with infectious enthusiasm, and the ability to draw a smile on one’s face with one post. I remember getting blessed with a DC89 nickname at some point. Gotta find that post and frame it or something!

@TheCosmicMoth You truly changed the way I look at Superman. It wasn’t a paradigm shift as much as it was seeing the character from a completely different angle. I loved our discussions.

@TravisMorgan Something about your posts tells me you’re a class act, man.

@bigblock66 The kindest DC Community member I have come across. Whenever I see a thread started by you, I just know it will ooze with positivity and kindness. That’s not to mention those killer artist skills!

@biff_pow The funniest DC Community member I have come across. Thank you for all the laughs.

@Kon-El-Prime Another fellow Super fan, and another kind heart. Your ability to mix personal elements into your posts always made them engaging and interesting to read.

@TheTerrificToyman Watching you make all those custom action figures was a ton of fun. I may not have commented every single time, but I appreciate your talent.

@SWhite Batman fan and fellow Mezco One:12 collector. Thank for sharing those awesome displays, and for the pre-order tips, my friend!

@SteveTrevor2.0 That room! I no longer have any collectibles on display, so I’ll just have to live vicariously through you, my friend.

It only lets me tag 10 people. Matthew Hecht, did you read any Justice Society today? I salute your persistence!

Apologies if I missed anyone. Know that I appreciate the DC Community at large, whether I tagged you up there or not. Why this post? Since this website is closing down, I wanted my last thread to be one of appreciation. I’m honestly not sure if I want to do the Discord thing. I’m on the unofficial one created by our members, and I’m not sure the format is for me.

Wishing you all fantastic days ahead.


Well said my friend, well said. Life goes on for all of us. Regardless of the different paths we take, to our final destination. The interactions and friendships you’ve made here, are at the very least, memories of good times, with good people. And who knows, how or when, you may meet them again. Members of this little community of ours (yourself included), have shown themselves to be both creative and inventive. So, as the expression goes " never say, never again." In any case, take care my friend, and all the best with your future endeavors! Or, as a Vulcan favorite of mine used to say " Live long, and prosper. " :slightly_smiling_face:




@moro We definitely had some great times on this site. Very sorry to see it go. I am finding Discord a little difficult so I have been stopping in a lot less. Ah well, the only constant is change, as they say.

Sorry to hear you are not collecting, but it sure was fun while it lasted. I’ll just have to keep collecting for you. :smile:


You put it very well! While I will migrate over to the official DC Discord, I will miss this site so much. I had so much fun here. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that.


Thank you for your kind words @moro. You too are class act. I always loved your posts on Superman and collecting. Life goes on and things change, but we still have the fun memories. Good luck to you my brother.


100% and thank you for the kind words. I feel the same way you do about this forum: sad to see it go, but thankful that I found it and was able to share my love of collecting and reading comics, and my new found love of collecting and creating action figures with all of you.


Oh wow, didn’t know the site was closing :dizzy_face:
I’ll miss this site :broken_heart:

Guess ~ I got an excuse to finally get into Discord now



My dear friend… I truly hope you stick around with us, no matter where it is. You are one of the coolest cats I know, and count you as a brother.
I do understand the whole “discord” thing, as I have been struggling significantly over there because I am just not used to the format. (thankfully many people have been patient with me and teaching me).

Regardless, I truly hope you stick around.
I feel like I am losing way too many friends to the whole discord swap, and it kills me.

Whatever you choose, just know that you will always be a brother to me, and if you don’t make the switch, I wish you only great and happy things in the future.

Much love brother.
:heart: :cry: :hugs:


Sorry to see you go, @moro. You were one of my first friends on here, and it won’t be the same without you.


You’re not the only one. :laughing:


I’ve been on Discord since 2017, and I still haven’t grown accustomed to it lol


@Bigblock66 @SteveTrevor2.0 we appreciate you two being there and trying it out.


I hope your able to display stuff again someday also hope regardless that somewhere you are enjoying yourself I know we didn’t know each other long but I have fun talking to you Gods speed.


Why thank you kindly. Would hate to lose the community so I’ll keep on it. :smile:


Before this site, go, can I please have a Lex Luthor badge, for years I try to get 50 likes and the highest I ever got, was 38.
However I did got 50 likes on the thread I made, I share a picture of Batman and Robin I drew. Thankyou. :slightly_smiling_face:


I loved our discussions too, man! It was an honor to be friends with you on these boards. You’re a genuinely decent person and you always knew how to express your feeling about something. Humbled that I was able to change the way you saw Supes a bit. Hope to see you on Discord every now and then. Shoot me a fried request there when you get the chance.


Farewell, my good friends. I honestly can’t put into words a farewell that would be sufficient and appropriate enough considering what this community has come to mean to me… of course I do hope to continue our friendship in the future (so maybe this isn’t exactly a real farewell). Thank you all for being kind, considerate, compassionate, and welcoming. You’ve been a wonderful community these past 3+ years. :peace_symbol: :green_heart:


So your not coming ? I’ll miss you.


Thank you for being such a great mod and for all of our wonderful interactions.