Farewell DC Message Boards 1.0. I'll await your return.

I remember the first thing I did when I got access to DC Universe, I went straight to the message boards. I wanted to see & meet many other DC Fans like me. Sure, there were some complainers, lol, but I’ve met some really great people on here, especially the mods. I can’t believe a year has already passed. Time just flew! We got some great changes, we lost a great show, but it’s really still only the beginning. Entering into year 2, many of us are Sophomores, meeting & talking with new fans & new members. Still growing & building that Community. Really looking forward to what 2.0 brings. It’ll be dark, but not for too long. Darkest Night following after will be Brightest Day. I believe the Community will be bigger & better. I’m so excited. It’s almost like Summer Vacation, lol. Once everything is back up & everyone’s returned, it’s like going back to school, lol. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

As always, Go DC!!!


Ok, you got me. I teared up reading this. And I have the same sentiments. :heart:

It’s been great 1.0! I’ll be checking out sometime tomorrow. See you on the other side. Thank you for the memories :pray:t4:


Thanks for making a great year one DC!


I do hope that we’ll have more capabilities on mobile devices such as being able to access our photos to post on the comment board. But it’ll be interesting to see what changes will be brought to the Community Board. Been loving all of DC Universe, everything, the movies, original shows, the comic books, done some shopping as well, and best of all, the Community Board, loving bouncing around sharing ideas with other fans like myself, it’s just so much fun.


Thank you so much for your kind words, @RandallusPrime. Despite the flaws that community 1.0 might have, I am so proud that it was able to bring together so many amazing fans and passionate people. As we head into 2.0 I wanted to let everyone know what a pleasure it has been to get to know you and how excited I am for you to see the changes we’ve been making. This community has continued to evolve, grow, and get better over time, and I hope 2.0 reflects that as well.


Can you imagine if we get to 13.0? It’ll have to be referred to as Braniac 13.0, lol.

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Thanks for the kind words Zatanna! I have faith 2.0 will do justice.

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