Farewell Community (The Sun Sets in The Swamp)

In case you somehow missed it, this Community website is shutting down. It will switch over to a “read only” format next month but will be completely dissolved in September and will be replaced by Discord. You should really read the official announcement that explains a little bit more, as well as says when and where you can ask more questions.

I became a subscriber to the DC service back in April 2019. This was way back when they were actually producing their own TV shows. Not too long after that though, it became focused exclusively on comics. But back then, I wasn’t active on the Community side of things, aside from dipping a toe every now and then. A year or two later, I decided to fully embrace what this aspect of the service offered. I can’t fully explain how great this place turned out to be. I loved coming on here, interacting with so many people, and checking out all the threads.

Looking back on my own activity…holy crap, I created A LOT of threads! :sweat_smile: In my defense, I was seeking out so many comics and characters online that I wanted others to put a spotlight on them and share my thoughts. But I also remember to be active on as many other threads that weren’t mine. I’ve been a part of certain groups on Facebook prior to this, but this place is significantly better. Not only with how many topics we can talk about, but also everyone here is kind and a joy to talk with.

@MatthewHecht I know you and I didn’t have a ton of one-on-one interactions, but you were one of the very first members I’ve interacted with who’ve stayed around this long. I enjoy seeing your comments wherever I go and I appreciate your presence.

@Jurisdiction @basicallytimdrake Watching you two passionately go off the deep end on your rants of the day is always entertaining! :rofl: I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t think this site was quite as fun if it wasn’t for the two of you, so thank you

@Samsonkillingtime You and I have discussed so many stories and characters, I’m not even sure where to begin. Our discussions and sometimes gasp! arguments have played a factor in considering certain stories from a different perspective. I treasure all of our conversations

@DC89 @TheWifeOfJasonTodd You two are possibly the two biggest pillars of optimism and kindness on this site. DC89 has radiated love for her favorite characters as well as all of us on here. In fact, I think she’s generated enough energy to fuel the sun for a few centuries. And TWOJT helped make this place feel like a second home. Thank you both for all of that :heartbeat:

@Chain_Twix It has been great getting to know you and discussing our love for characters ranging from Poison Ivy to Godzilla. I really hope you make it over to the Discord when it’s up because I would miss you terribly otherwise.

@TheBatgirlofNML Oh man…we’ve had a lot of misadventures together! From space wars to teaching animals how to talk to even going through an online coup. My digital comrade, it has been an honor to become your friend :saluting_face:

There are too many people here and I wish I could talk about as many of you as I can. But I’m already pushing the length for this kind of post. Just know that if we have interacted together on here, it’s been enjoyable and I think you’re great! As for what the future on Discord holds, I can’t say. I want it to be great, but I’m not sure if I will ever feel for it the same way I feel for this site. I know some of you will not be able to make the jump over for a variety of reasons. So if you can, swing on by this thread so I can try and give you a goodbye. As for me, I’ll give Discord a genuine shot. I’ve already connected to some of you on there, hoping to connect with more.

The sun is setting as I sit here on the swamp. It will be a while before it fully disappears, but I can feel it getting closer and closer. When one day comes to an end, that means a new one will soon begin. Whether or not it is a good day will depend on what we do with it.


I appreciate you, and everyone you tagged in this post. Just wanted to share that :heart:.




Are you planning on making the jump over?


I do not know yet. I haven’t been able to think about it, but I’m also in denial about it all.


I know what you mean. I had to read the announcement a couple of times before it started to sink in


I’m not ready to say goodbye you guys helped teach me everything anddd u adopted me :sob:


Farewell to u as well


I’m moving from Skartaris to Discord. I’ll miss this place as it was always fun, joyful, and respectful. Hope to see everyone there.



Gah, this is so sad… it’s like graduation and some ppl you’ll see again and some people you won’t see. I need you guys, who else will talk Godzilla, Ivy and Doctor who with me?


I’m gonna miss this place so much. It’s by far my favorite place on the internet. Everyone is generally friendly and respectful here, as opposed to places like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, where it seems that people just want to fight and argue all the time.

I will be following no matter what. I officially joined this community in October 2020 (long time lurker before then), and would never think of leaving y’all. This has become family to me. I love you all :00_aquaman:


It’s been an honor as well @EDT . I’m probably making a post like this myself so I’ll save what this site had meant to me for there but I will say that I’ve had a lot of fun here with you!

I’m going to try Discord but I’m not it’s biggest fan so we’ll see if it sticks.


I love this site and I’m going to miss this place dearly but what made it so great is you guys. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the friendliest online community I have ever been a part of.




I volunteer!


So sorry to hear this. This is just another thing from the old DC Universe going away. I really miss the old DCU. We had a DC show every Friday, DC Daily every weekday, this community, the encyclopedia, etc. Even MAX is cutting their DC related shows and it has been forever since they have had anything original. I loved the old DCU and this just seems like another nail in the coffin.


It makes me really hope Paramount picks up the slack with a DTV line of TMNT movies or Disney actually does Marvel well, but I think that last ship has sailed.