FAQ (Unofficial Edition)

Created June 3, 2019
Some information may become outdated with time
This is not an official source of information, just me doing my best to answer some FAQs, so sorry if any information isn’t correct and please correct me in the comments.

Q:When will DC Universe be on PS4?
A: It’s an incredibly common request, so they’re probably working on it. However, there is currently no official release date or even an estimated date of arrival.

Q:Where is Batman vs. TMNT?
A:They have no news on if or when it is coming. It is not included in the list of movies coming to this service this month or next month. It is probably difficult to secure the rights to since it features characters owned by another company.

Q:Where is the rest of Young Justice: Outsiders?
A:Episodes will start releasing on July 2nd.

Q: Where is Vertigo (or some other comic)?
A: In order to have the full library of DC Comics, DC Universe agreed to NOT have some things on the service. Comics not included on the service are:

  • Comics publishes less than a year ago
  • Comics under an imprint, like Vertigo
  • Comics that were originally published in graphic novels
  • Comics that exclusively target a young audience
  • Recent hits, like Tom King’s Mister Miracle or Batman: White Knight
    There are exception to these rules. For example, Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing are on this service despite being Vertigo titles because DC Universe has original series based on them.

Q:Why are episodes of originals released weekly?
A: Most streaming services release episodes weekly. The only services that drop a full season at a time are Netflix and, more recently, Amazon Prime Video. This makes sense from a business standpoint. If somebody is super excited for a single show and wants to watch it as soon as possible, companies don’t want that person to purchase a month of the service and then immediately drop it or just use their free trial. However, the weekly release of episodes is also very good for the community. It builds excitement, sparks conversation, allows for weekly watch alongs, and lets us experience the show together as a community.

Q:Why isn’t there every DC show & movie here?
A:This service was never marketed as having everything, and there are multiple reasons why not everything is here. There are many DC shows and movies that are not owned by WB. Some shows and movies were already licensed out to other services before the creation of this service, so they can’t come here until the contract expires. And last of all, it is not feasible for such a niche service to have everything on it. It wouldn’t make a profit and would have to be shut down.



Great Work Squid.

If Anybody cam make a link of this it could be used to answer these questions which repeat again and again.


Also you said in another thread that the thread should be Suggestions. Maybe include that in case is in different forum like General. Like you said they want to tell Management not Community.


Good job.
Now we just gotta keep it bumped up into the top few spots to keep it visible.


Nice work Awesome_squid!
A much needed addition.
@TurokSonOfStone1950, great idea to have it be linked so these questions can be redirected instead of taking up unnecessary space on forum.


Thanks, @Awesome_Squid!
-For link, you can use yourdcu.com/help, which takes you to the help center where these questions are addressed.
-The beach ball bumping of threads like this is the fun part of our limited functionality, and part of what I am most looking forward to in 2.0.


Awesome idea Squid!


Nice! You’re one exceptional cephalopod.


I would like to add that new members often want something to compare this service to.

This is not like Netflix or Disney+ or even WB/HBO. It is a comic book app. Compare to Marvel Unlimited

MU. $10. month 25,000+ comic books.

DCU. $8. month 20,000+ comic books. Small movie and television selection on rotation, DCU originals, DCU community, DC daily and more.

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I was sort of hoping that people would see this and it would stop all of the same questions being asked, but I guess it didn’t work

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I thnk it is a combination of thread makers:

Not knowing much about the forums or the service like question about Young Justice returning or locks on episodes

How threads get pushed down so become unfindable without an effort

Not looking in the first place or thinking new thread will accomplish what others will not or cumulatively amount of threads wil force change or just anger that service not giving what they want now.

Maybe no member should respond since many want attention of Management not us and dont believe our facts.

Let Mods handle it if person sounds angry.

I’m afraid what @TurokSonofStone1950 is saying is true; this is a wonderful thread, but it’s one of many FAQ threads.

Currently our primary recourse until pinning functionality is in place is to answer the questions as they come in. But I sincerely appreciate this effort, and hope it helped many people!


Why do some episodes of Young Justice have locks on them?? :upside_down_face:


Where’s Reign of the Supermen? :wink:


Why dont we have all the movies and tv shows that even mention DC comics? I pay almost 8 dollars a month.

I demand them now.

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@TurokSonOfStone1950 Grab your keyboards it’s time to riot.

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Why is Mommy so tired?